2015 OBIE Awards’ Best of Show Billboard Winners!



Out-of-home (OOH) advertising can be powerful, compelling, funny. And the folks behind the OBIE Awards know that well.


The Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s OBIE Awards are one of the oldest and most prestigious honours for creative excellence in advertising, and this year their Best of Show category winners are every bit compelling and attention-grabbing. This year, judges kept their eyes peeled for entries that showed “OOH’s ability to engage and entertain consumers with exceptional artistic flair and simple yet effective marketing messages,” according to Stephen Freitas, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).


We check out the winners, and see their creatives in the OOH advertising scene:


Life-sized Thirst-Quenchers

When it’s really hot outside, a glass of icy cold beverage would be a welcome sight. Now think of an icy cold slush – a giant billboard sized one – in the middle of the sweltering hot afternoon! This is such a winning factor for Adams Outdoor Advertising, who won the Best Billboard Campaign award for its “Big Slushes” ads for Sonic Drive-In in Charleston, S.C. This is the first time the award has been given to an outdoor advertising company. This same campaign also took home the Gold award in the Food and Beverage category.


The campaign made sure people saw the product ‘up close’, and used a highly visual strategy by adding a 3D straw – doesn’t it make you want to reach for the straw for a big sip of that Blue Coconut-Lime slush?


Just look at the billboard ads below. It just goes to show that a well-planned ad placed at a strategic location is a winning combination. Slush, anyone?




Good Deeds Get You To OOH

HeavenThe next winner takes an entirely different approach. Instead of a highly visual image, it tugs at the discerning gentleman, one whom we imagine exudes class and sophistication. The ads urge men to do good deeds, such as complimenting a stranger and taking a photo for a tourist – in the name of promoting Cole’s Mankind Fragrance. Its copy reads imperatives such as: “Be the evolution” and “Give up your seat on the train. (It’ll make you look taller.)”


The campaign won the 2015 Best Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative Campaign award for the OOH launch of the new fragrance, Mankind by Kenneth Cole. Kenneth Cole Productions and Ready Set Rocket collaborated to bring this campaign about.


It showcased how effective OOH can be in driving people to interact with the OOH ads via their mobile devices: men were challenged to be a part of a 21-day “evolution”, and were encouraged to share their good works using #manupformankind. Be swayed over as you browse through the campaign’s creatives:



OOH’s Visual Power: Helping You Connect With Your Audience
Think about cute cartoon illustrations of animals and how kids would typically react to such arresting visuals. Now think of driving past a huge billboard with a pair of adorably drawn seals holding hands. The copy reads: “We hold hands in our sleep so we never drift apart.”


The Seattle Aquarium campaign, Amazing Facts, brought agency Copacino+Fujikado and Seattle Aquarium the 2015 Best Multi-Format Campaign award. It engages its audience with powerful visuals and interesting copy – all presented in OOH ad spaces for maximum impact. Imagine reading this with your 3-year-old seated next to you! A visit to the aquarium will be most definitely up next.

Check out the images from the campaign below:




We know just how powerful a well-timed message can be when paired within a strategically placed OOH ad space. If you need your marketing message to cut through the ‘noise’ and reach your intended audience, you should explore this cost-efficient high impact form of advertising. Talk to your friendly TPM Outdoor specialist today to find out how. Contact us for a no-obligations chat at 6273 0556 or ask@tpmoutdoor.com.


Read more about the OBIE award winners here. Our team is constantly on the lookout for the latest industry trends and market movements, because we know just how effective OOH is to cut through the ‘noise’. Let us help you reach your target audience.


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