2019: A Year in Review for The Perfect Media

With another year and another decade having passed by, let’s take a look back at the accomplishments of The Perfect Media in the past year:


1. Queensway Shopping Centre LED Screen Upgrade

The Perfect Media 2019
The Perfect Media’s larger LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre was completed on October 2019


To accommodate higher demand for outdoor advertising and flexibility of ads, we did not miss out on the opportunity of upgrading our digital LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre. For higher impact and higher visibility of our partners’ advertisements, our LED screen was upgraded from the size of 27 square meters to 60 square meters. Our screen is now 220% bigger than it used to be! Now, our partner clients can place videos and other creative digital media to increase their sales, brand recognition, and brand recall!


2. Multi-regional and mixed media outdoor advertising with Bosch

The Perfect Media 2019
The completed Bosch wall mural created by SprayPrinters Estonia in Malaysia


Our projects with Bosch in the past year had our team going across different regions: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. To make Bosch’s campaign highly effective, a number of different mediums were used to reach out to consumers. Besides the traditional static billboards, Bosch made use of wall-painting technology, digital LED screens, and car-wrap media. These numerous outdoor advertisements were placed at major expressways and highways, popular and crowded malls, MRT stations, airports, and city centres for guaranteed maximum exposure, reach, and visibility.


Our wall-painting projects were fulfilling experiences for our teams in Malaysia and the Philippines. Our teams helped Bosch in looking for relevant mural sites, negotiating with building owners, sourcing out for the most suitable spray paint cans, and assisting the SprayPrinters and Bosch teams in logistics and operations. Moreover, we created close relationships with SprayPrinters and Bosch by braving unpredictable weather on the rooftops of buildings in Malaysia and the Philippines.


Through these projects, we upgraded our skills and experiences across multi-market regions: complying with maintenance rules in case of potential typhoon damages, overcoming strict outdoor advertising regulations, sourcing out for the best locations, suppliers, and materials, coordinating with international teams, and overcoming language barriers and local ad language regulations.


3. Trip.com’s large outdoor advertisement at The Pavilion

The Perfect Media 2019
Trip.com’s video advertisement being displayed at The Pavilion’s large LED screen wrap


Trip.com’s outdoor video advertisement became a big landmark during two different long weekend holidays at The Pavilion in Malaysia in August 2019. This gave the company maximum brand exposure and visibility to at least 3 million mall visitors!


4. Budget Direct Insurance enters the Singaporean market

The Perfect Media 2019
Budget Direct Insurance’s outdoor ad with a URL tracking code at Hotel Boss


As a new insurance company aiming to penetrate the Singaporean market, Budget Direct Insurance had a 6-month long campaign over six different locations across Singapore. These locations were prominent areas at tourist spots and nearby business districts with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The billboards were also nearby eating and shopping establishments. Making use of digital technology, the company included URL codes on their OOH advertisements to be able to track the data for each of their locations. 


Budget Direct Insurance’s straightforward and concise advertisements allowed passersby to easily understand and process the message that the company wanted to convey. The large text sizes that the company used also made them more visible from afar. 


5. Exposure of Agung Podomoro Land properties at People’s Park Complex

The Perfect Media 2019
Agung Podomoro Land outdoor advertisement found at People’s Park Complex


To feature their new and exciting projects in Indonesia such as Orchard Park Batam, Agung Podomoro Land placed an outdoor advertisement at People’s Park Complex to gain exposure from tourists and locals alike. Their chosen billboard location allowed for increased brand awareness and brand recall, targeting consumers who would be interested to buy property in Indonesia which is easily accessible from Singapore via ferry boats. 


The successes of these projects would not have been possible without our partner clients and our team at The Perfect Media. Through these projects, we created friendships across different regions. We also continued to build up our reputation and experience in the industry as a company that works hard and efficiently in every step and in every project. 


We hope that 2020 will be as successful and as fruitful as this past year has been. To more projects and more accomplishments!


If you are interested in working with The Perfect Media, contact us now to see how we can help your brand reach the right millions.




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