2020 Year in Review: How The Perfect Media grew through changes

2021 is looking like it’s going to be a great year, nevertheless, 2020 still gave us many opportunities to grow.


This year, The Perfect Media has seen many changes to the way we live and work, and it’s all for the better! Let’s take a look at the different highlights from The Perfect Media along the year and how we have helped clients reach millions of potential audiences with Out-Of-Home media.


1. NEW People’s Park Complex LED screen

One of the biggest changes we’ve had this year is our new and improved LED screen at People’s Park Complex! People’s Park Complex has 4 tri-vision screens, in a place where it’s effective and super crowded.


Our interactive tri-vision boards that rotate and are able to offer 24/7 brand awareness and messaging has been great for many years and will be for many more. With marketers producing more and more video content, the demand for digital advertising especially at this location has increased. 


So, we decided to convert one of the tri-vision into a digital screen to complement the other billboards. People’s Park Complex is a very unique media centre where there are digital screens, tri-vision boards and static giant banners all at the same time, providing multiple options to advertisers.


While we are looking forward to converting our other locations, this site was specifically chosen due to the large captive audience, where a lot of people are moving between the shopping malls and food areas. There are people who come here 2-3 times a day and some for special occasions.



You may have seen some great brands on this screen this 2020. Welcoming China Mobile, Mainland China’s leading telco company to the Singapore market, as well as had McDonalds with their simple and powerful directional sign to guide passers-by to their diner.


2. Being the outdoor voice for the government

When COVID-19 struck, Singapore moved into a circuit breaker to pre-empt escalating COVID-19 infections. After about a month, Singapore then started a 3-phased reopening. To remind Singaporeans to keep to safety measures while outdoors, the Ministry of Information & Communication worked together with The Perfect in spreading this important message.



The Ministry of Information & Communication put up these helpful infographics at high traffic areas with high visibility to ensure widespread message amongst the public. Sim Lim Square, Jalan Besar Plaza, Queensway Shopping Centre, Tristar Geylang and People’s Park Complex were all sites strategically chosen by them



The Perfect Media has always been supporting the spread of government messages! Here’s a throwback to another important message initiated by the National Environment Agency a few years ago as a great reminder for people to stop littering (and avoid a fine!).





3. Up-and-Coming Brands

Although this year may not have been good for many businesses, this year was also the year where a lot of new businesses have been formed and are going stronger than ever. Brands like RedOne and Atome are gaining a lot of new relevancy in this COVID-19 economy. Some of the new brands that have been thriving in Singapore include Lalamove and TPG Mobile.



This brand really wow-ed us with their strategic planning! 2020 gave us the pleasure of working with popular last-mile delivery service, Lalamove.  Not only did Lalamove advertise right before peak sales period like 11.11 and festive shopping, they also chose strategic locations to target B2B marketing, maximizing their reach to the right millions.



With such a simple and bright message, Lalamove will have caught the attention of many drivers and passers-by. This billboard that they chose at People’s Park Complex is as big as 60 bus ads!



4. Welcoming back tourism clients (Incredible India)

Every year, we work with many different tourism brands and this year, we worked with Incredible India. 


Incredible India Advertisement


Another location this February. With so many drive-by cars, they were sure to have a high reach.


With many Singaporeans looking to use their $100 SingapoRediscover vouchers, we’re looking forward to having more Singapore domestic tourism advertising.


Looking to the year ahead

This year was definitely filled with unexpected surprises, but we are thankful nevertheless to have been through it. None of these would have been possible without our partner clients and team at The Perfect Media. We will also continue to build our reputation and experience in the Out-of-Home industry as a company that works hard and efficiently in every step and project. 


We hope that 2021 will be as teaching as this past year has been. To more projects and more growth!


If you are interested in working with The Perfect Media, contact us now to see how we can help your brand reach the right millions.



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