3 Outdoor Media Trends for 2017

To start off this new year of the rooster, here are 3 outdoor media trends that may help you in the future planning of your marketing activities.


#1 The Environment

Consumers nowadays are more able to control what they see, and when they want to. This results in adverse feelings towards ads that they perceive as intrusive. As outdoor media is not a personal form of communication, some brands tend to forget that there is a possibility of them becoming intrusive. Therefore,  it is important for outdoor media to blend into the environment. By doing so, consumers would be more receptive to the message. This lowers the likelihood of an ad being overbearing and helps to create a greater impact.


To execute such an outdoor campaign, it is key to place the right message in the right location. This way, consumers would see what they are interested in and your ad can target the right people.


#2 Big Data

As we all know, outdoor media is not a form of personal communication. Hence, sometimes, it may be difficult to create a meaningful message for your target audience. To combat this problem, big data, such as geolocation, can act as a guide to creating more effective outdoor media use.


When used strategically, big data can help to create a personal connection between your target market and your message. This allows the message to resonate better with your target market. It would then lead to a message that can influence the buying behaviour of your consumers.


#3 Digital OOH

New technologies and innovative practices have enabled outdoor to keep up with the advancements in technology. This has led to the emergence of digital outdoor media such as our LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre.




TPM Outdoor @ Queensway Shopping Centre
Adidas on TPM Outdoor’s prominent LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre


However, with the world becoming more connected, outdoor has also moved a step forward by being integrated with other platforms. It is no longer uncommon to see outdoor ads that also make use of mobile content. An example would be Dong Yu Wa Wa’s ad at our Chinatown site where a QR code encourages consumers to utilise their app as well.


TPM Outdoor @ People's Park Centre
Dong Yu Wa Wa at People’s Park Centre


Thus, it is important to keep in mind that DOOH and mobile content work better when they are integrated. They should not be thought of as separate channels, but rather as channels that complement each other.

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