3 Reasons for Digital Outdoor Media in Myanmar

Myanmar has developed from a closed economy to one that is now bustling with international businesses. To accommodate the increase in white collar workers, many new buildings with offices have sprouted. Two such buildings are the Myanmar Plaza and Sakura Building, both located strategically within the heart of city centers in Yangon City.


Myanmar Plaza Exterior
Myanmar Plaza


To harness the potential of this new demographic of Myanmar, TPM Outdoor has installed digital outdoor media in the form of LED screens in the lift and lift lobbies of these buildings.

Here are three reasons these screens why can contribute effectively to your marketing plan.


#1 Targeted Customers

TPM Outdoor Digital Outdoor Media @ Myanmar Plaza
TPM Outdoor LED Screens at Myanmar Plaza


Those who view your brand messages on these screens will mainly consist of office workers, businesspersons, and specialists — highly educated individuals who hold jobs that earn them a mid to high-level income. Besides this, most of them are also decision makers of the companies they work for.  This ensures that the right people see your messages.


Also, people waiting usually do not do much except stare at the lift display. Hence, this waiting time would be a good opportunity for brands to reach out to their target audience as it is easier to capture their attention.


TPM Outdoor Digital Media @ Myanmar Plaza
TPM Outdoor LED scrrens at Myanmar Plaza Lift Lobby


#2 Low Cost-Per-Impression

At any one point in time, many people are able to view an outdoor media. This contributes to its low cost per impression when compared to other media such as newspapers and television. This is also the main reason why most brands include outdoor media in their marketing plans. The LED screens that we have in Myanmar achieve this low cost through the high traffic during peak and lunch hours.

The lift lobby is a place where almost everyone has to bypass in order to get to where they need to. Thus, advertising on the LED screens can produce desirable results at low costs.


#3 Best of Both Worlds

One main advantage of digital outdoor media would be the use of both visual and audio cues to engage audiences. This increases the chance of catching and retaining the attention of your target audience. Another advantage would be the constant display throughout the day until the building is closed. With this 24/7 exposure, the reach and frequency of an ad would be maximised, without incurring high costs.


TPM Outdoor @ Myanmar Plaza
Your ad will look great here!


This gives you an advertising platform that engages your targeted customers effectively, all the time, and at a low cost.


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