4 Benefits of Coffee Shop or Tabletop Advertising in Singapore 

What is Tabletop Advertising? 

The use of space on the top of restaurant tables to create loyal customers is known as tabletop advertising. Tabletop advertising requires your potential customers to enter the restaurant and sit down before viewing the advertisement; It is a valuable form of marketing and advertising your brand. Tabletop advertising in Singapore can be in hawker centres, food centres, coffeeshops (or better known as kopitiams) and food courts. These include both aircon food courts and open-air coffeeshops under the HDB. Popular chains are like Badaling, Select Group, Kim San Leng, Charng Chern and many more. 

These media locations because quite popular with certain category of clients such as pharmaceutical advertisers, recruitment agencies, construction companies, and public service messages by the government. Tabletop advertising is viable because it makes use of customers’ free time that they spend waiting for food or scrolling through their phones. It is also a captive dwell time for the audience to interact with the messages. As the advertisement is being seen in the right context of eating, many messages can be associated with that! 

Top Reasons to Opt for Coffee Shop or Tabletop Advertising 

1. QR Codes and Lead Generation 

Tabletop advertising can include a Quick Response Code or QR code in their advertisement. Many customers will be intrigued to scan the code which will lead them to a new page. This process is part of data collection and lead generation, helping brands analyse a customer’s click-through rates, and do much more. 

FASTJOB – FastJobs is a fast and simple mobile platform for both job seekers and employers to fill non-executive and part-time jobs on the go. As a recruitment platform, Fastjob chose coffeeshops and kopitiams that help to target blue-collar workers at locations such as Tampines, Jurong West, New Upper Changi Road Hawker Centres and Kopitiams. Job positions such as logistics, food and beverage (F&B) related are listed in both English and Chinese. Just scan the QR code and your job submission is completed! 

2. Reliable Advertising 

Coffee shop advertising develops trust in with consumers because it is viewed as a relevant and essential publication. Being “out-there” and conspicuous can help build trust Thus, consumers take in the message publicized by the tabletop and use it to spur a discussion with their friends at the table, leading to increased brand visibility. 

3. Increased Social Engagement

When customers are waiting for their food, they will be invested in using their phones to kill the waiting time. This is a perfect opportunity to get them to download your app. This is particularly applicable for delivery men, as they wait patiently for the food to be prepared, many would play a game, swipe on social media and make small talk with the stall owners and assistants. 

Pharmaceutical Sector can use Tabletop Advertising to publicize an upcoming or useful health product. The companies in this sector may also spread public awareness messages regarding Covid-19 or seasonal illnesses which will present their brand in a more consumer-friendly light, helping them beat their competitors. 

Our pharmaceutical client increased social engagement to be genuinely helpful. Hypocol, (red yeast rice) which is proven to lower plasma cholesterol used our tabletop advertising to offer the public a free lipids blood test at qualified medical establishments. It was such a generous offer by the client and reachable to anyone that is dining at the coffeshops and at all segments of the Singaporean audience! 

The locations of the coffeeshops chosen by Hypocol was also specially selected to be 1) near medical establishments 2) medical halls 3) popular foodcourt areas. Talk about highly targeted! 

SINGTEL – took a 100% customisable package with high proximity to the Singtel dealers for immediate purchase action at the highly packed coffeeshops. Usually these coffeeshops are near industrial areas and high concentrations of the Singapore foreign community such as at Tampines, Jurong, Serangoon, Woodlands. 

The message is: “Enjoy the most affordable data plans, with free incoming and IDD 019 calls, on Singapore’s fastest and widest network! Plus get up to 13GB data as well as free 30-day insurance by NTUC Income.” – So many bundled discounts and alongside our favourite hawker food like Chicken Rice, Economical Bee Hoon, Nasi Lemak etc. Which was more attractive? The food or the Singtel offer? 

4. Publicize your Brand 

Tabletop Advertising Singapore can prove to be beneficial for banks and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well. Banks and SMEs can highlight unique selling points or benefits of working with their specific brand or company using Coffee shop advertising. This can allow their potential customers to learn more about their brand. They may also scan the given QR code on the advertisement, leading to further advantages for the advertising bank or SME. 

Tabletop advertising can positively impact your brand identity, adding a unique touch to the coffee shop. Situation-specific messages can influence consumers, allowing them to trust the advertisers. Many advertisers have unleashed their creativity to attract more attention to their Table Top advertisements. Some instances include having QR codes for increased engagement, the use of bright visuals and unique fonts as well as including sentimental captions or images which would spur the target audience to take appropriate actions. 

One of the simplest ways like what DBS did was to add a creative die-cut to their table-top stickers. If hawker food is the pride and joy of Singapore, then hawkers are the national heroes behind our UNESCO inscription for hawker culture. That’s why DBS brought back the PayLah! Hidden Gem Hawker Awards, to shine a light on our hawkers especially the less known ones or those who have yet to be discovered. Choosing the top coffeeshops, DBS did cut-out a pink bowl. How fun! 

TPM Editorial Teamtpmclientusr

Tabletop Advertising Singapore is being effectively utilized by Milo, a healthy chocolate flavoured drink by Nestle. It has used fonts in different sizes, bright photos and a QR code for its Tabletop advertisement to highlight its goodness to customers. Many families visit restaurants with their children. Viewing the tabletop advertisement of Milo with added benefits for children will encourage them to become a consumer of the said brand. Using another form of creative execution, the message is viewed from both sides of the table and can even offer 2 different value propositions to the audience! 

The Appeal of Coffee Shop Advertising is undeniable 

Check! – Captive audience of more than 30 mins. Cannot be switched off, removed or skipped.

Check! – High frequency of visit by the audience that eat at the coffeeshop regularly 

Check! – High reach to all the people in the area. Does not limit to race, religion or ages when everyone can enjoy something at the coffeeshop 

Check! – Creative and interactive possibilities with contextual messaging relating to food, health or day-to-day life! The possibilities are endless.  

The Perfect Media can enhance your brand awareness and marketing and advertising strategies. We provide complete creative customization for your outdoor advertising and tabletop advertising in Singapore! Contact us today and find out more about our innovative advertisement solutions and ideal locations for your brand. 



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