4 Places to Target Travellers through Outdoor Advertising

With the school holidays and many long weekends coming up, an event that will be held this weekend is the NATAS Fair. Crowds looking for a break from their daily routine will be flocking to the Singapore Expo to snatch up travel deals. As such, here are 4 places that we think can effectively target travellers through outdoor advertising.


NATAS Travel Expo
NATAS Fair 2017 will be held from 17-19 Feb at the Singapore Expo


#1 People’s Park Complex

One of the few things that most people do before travelling would be changing currency. One of the more popular places to do so would be Raffles Arcade. However, many also head over to the plethora of moneychangers at People’s Park Complex for such services.


Health Promotion Board @ People's Park Complex
Health Promotion Board @ People’s Park Complex


This area is already known to be busy on normal days. Coupled with the many travel agencies, it would be swarmed during this period, with travellers in particular. Thus, it would be a good opportunity to place brand messages here and target travellers through outdoor advertising.


#2 Furama City Centre Hotel

Most travel agencies sell insurance as a complimentary product. As such, besides travel deals, crowds would also head over to the Chinatown area for deals on travel insurance.

TPM Outdoor has a site at Furama City Centre Hotel that faces head on traffic at a major junction. This site is a popular one for two reasons. Firstly, due to its location, this site is a busy one throughout the day. And secondly, the long traffic light stoppage time at the junction allows extended viewing times of the billboard.


TPM Outdoor @ Furama City Centre
Bank of China with TPM Outdoor at Furama City Centre Hotel


Being the first billboard that people see when they enter the Chinatown area, it would experience an even higher level of traffic during this period. Hence, this spot would be one of the locations that are extremely effective to target travellers through outdoor advertising.


#3 Sim Lim Square

Some items that people usually bring on a trip include cameras and other mobile devices. Hence, known for being the place to get electronic goods, Sim Lim Square is another possible place that travellers would visit.


TPM Outdoor has 2 drop-down banners in the mall that cannot escape the eyes of shoppers because of its strategic location. Both can be seen on every floor as the mall is shaped in a circular manner with the escalators only at one end.


#4 Jalan Besar Plaza

Not everyone may be going overseas during the long weekends. Some may prefer a mini getaway in the various boutique hotels in Singapore. Many would know of such hotels in Chinatown. However, a lesser known area with these hotels is Jalan Besar. The many cafes and boutique hotels in the area are turning it into one of the hippest places in Singapore. Therefore, it would be ideal to capitalise on the increased traffic of the area by using outdoor advertising.


Singapore Bike Show @ Jalan Besar Plaza, Singapore
Singapore Bike Show @ Jalan Besar Plaza, Singapore


Interested in find out how you can target travellers through outdoor advertising? Call 6273 0556 or email to ask@tpmoutdoor.com!





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