4 Sites for Peak Period Outdoor Advertising

As mentioned in our previous post, the school holidays and several long weekends are coming up. This means a great potential to reach out to a wide audience through the use of outdoor advertising. Here is a video to give you a summary of our busy sites that are popular during peak periods.





TPM Outdoor Advertising @ Chinatown
Chinatown – A place that is crowded all year round


TPM Outdoor has a strong presence in Chinatown with 8 locations all over the area. No matter the weather, this area is always packed with both the young and the old. Thus, outdoor advertising at our locations here can help you to effectively target a wide audience.


Little India


Outdoor Advertising with TPM at Little India
An underrated place that packed with the latest happenings and rich in culture.


Many may not know what is in the area, but the Little India stretch is filled with culture and the latest happenings. Watch the place come alive at night when both office workers and students populate the cafes and bars in the area. This place is also popular with drivers who come to visit the automotive shops for car servicing services.


Jakarta Airport


Outdoor Advertising with TPM @ Jakarta Airport
With the increase in disposable income, more Indonesians are travelling nowadays.


Jakarta Airport is the 6th busiest one in Asia. It now caters to Indonesians who are looking for value but are still willing to spend due to their increased incomes. Many arrive in advance of their flight timings so as to avoid possible jams. Thus, outdoor advertising would be effective here due to the long amount of time that they spend in the airport.


Batam Ferry Terminal

Outdoor Advertising with TPM @ Batam Ferry Terminal
Packed with both locals and foreigners, this place is one of our most popular sites for advertising, especially for telcos.


Telcos are one of the first few clients who rush to take up our sites here. Outdoor advertising is effective here because of the noise ban that discourages many from using their mobile devices.


Would you like to find out more? If so, then call 6273 0556 or email us at ask@tpmoutdoor.com now!



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