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5 Characteristics of Successful Ads

5 Characteristics of Successful Ads

Regardless of the advertising platform used, there are some aspects that are important to the success of all advertisements. Here are 5 elements that make up successful ads.


#1 Simple Storylines

This is especially important for outdoor media today, where most people usually only spare a glance at an ad. Therefore, in order for the idea to be conveyed easily, the storyline cannot be too complex. Furthermore, a complicated storyline requires much interpretation and understanding. This may cause the viewer to quickly lose interest in the ad.


#2 Memorable

One of the easiest ways to create a memorable ad is to create it with the aim of making an emotional connection. Coca-Cola is an example of one company that does this well. Their interactive campaigns make use of the spirit of sharing happiness to touch the hearts of audiences. By making it relatable, the ad would have a higher retention rate. Being one of the most important aspects of an ad, the higher the retention rate, the greater the success of an ad.


Women’s aid recently released a simple yet compelling ad in commemoration of International Women’s day.


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Women’s Aid – Interactive billboards to raise awareness of domestic violence among women


#3 Educational

Another important aspect of successful ads is its educational value. This can be anything from notifying about the launch of a new product to information that teaches about its new uses. This helps to create awareness and engage audiences, thereby increasing sales. Information such as the price, complementary services available, and ways to obtain the product are useful in capturing and retaining attention.


#4 Highly Targeted Messages

Using a one-size-fits-all method is never a good idea when it comes to creating successful ads. Usually, a message needs to be perceived as relevant before viewers process information of the ad. On top of this, ads need to compete with noise that can come from platforms such as social media, online and email inboxes. Thus, an ad can only trigger behaviour if its message is relevant to the needs and wants of the viewer.


#5 Requiring Action

Speaking of triggering behaviours, it is vital to tell viewers what to do after they view an ad. It would be a waste if an ad neglects to tell viewers what to do after convincing them that its offerings can add value to their brand. Therefore, including a call-to-action is yet another important aspect in a successful ad copy.

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