5 Creative Outdoor Ads – International Women’s Day

With the increasing empowerment of women, International Women’s Day is a widely observed day in many countries. Thus, to get in on the action and help raise awareness of women’s rights, many companies launch advertising campaigns. So here are 5 creative outdoor ads that have been designed to support and spread the awareness of women’s rights.


#1 Stacy’s Pita Chips – Limited edition bags

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Stacy’s Pita Chip introduced limited edition packaging for their chips. Eye-catching and motivational, this creative outdoor ad in the form of product packaging definitely helped to bring attention to equal rights for women.


Creative Outdoor Ads - Stacy's Pita Chips
Stacy’s Pita Chips with artwork celebrating women


#2 Women’s Aid – Look At Me

This national charity aims to end domestic violence against women and children. Back in 2015, they launched a digital outdoor campaign to raise the awareness of such issues.


For the campaign, facial recognition was used to identify people who were looking at the woman in the ad. The speed at which the bruises and cuts on her face healed were dependent on the number of people looking at her face. So if people ignored the billboard, the image remained the same. The interactive billboards achieved much success because they communicated and represented the campaign perfectly – “don’t turn a blind eye to domestic violence”.



#3 State Street Global Advisors – The Fearless Girl

Asset management firm State Street Global Advisors commissioned a bronze statue of a defiant girl, to face down Wall Street’s “Charging Bull” sculpture. The firm found out that a quarter of their 3500 clients did not have women on their corporate boards. Thus, the statue was erected to urge their clients to increase the number of women on their boards. This new addition in the busy financial district certainly captured the attention of many.


Read about the conversation between Bethany McLean and State Street’s Ron O’Hanley here.


Creative Outdoor Ads - The Fearless Girl
State Street Global Advisors efforts to get more women onto corporate boards


#4 Burger King – “Can you be our Burger Queen?”

Another brand that made use of product packaging to celebrate women is Burger King. This creative outdoor ad went viral on social media and third-party blogs because of its innovativeness. With just a slogan and a mirror inside a burger box, Burger King managed to bring smiles to many women. In addition, this campaign is an example of how outdoor platforms are integrated with digital ones. You may read more here.


Creative Outdoor Ads - Burger King
Burger King celebrates International Women’s Day. “Can you be our Burger Queen?”


#5 Microsoft – Make What’s Next

This campaign by the tech giant asks girls what they would like to change in the world today. Microsoft then shows them that their hopes and dreams can come true by letting them interact with Microsoft products, like their VR headset. It sends a powerful message to girls around the world, that they can do, and be, anything that they want to.


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