5 Reasons Why Out-Of-Home Media Is the Better Choice


CIMB at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia


5reason-2Hitachi at Jakarta Highway (Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto), Indonesia


24 hours, 7 days a week constant exposure

You can never turn them off. It is not something people can click to close a window or turn the page to make it stop ‘bothering’ them by being in their sight. Be it day or night, rain or shine, outdoor media stay there no matter what, continuously transmitting messages that they are supposed to.

The airport is a good example of a constant exposure, where there are people walking around 24/7. The CIMB lightbox at Jakarta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, is located at the International Departure boarding area.


Alternatively, there is also the highway in Jakarta. Being labeled one of the ‘worst traffic in the world’ means that it has one of the highest vehicular traffics too. With this fact, it is for certain that the billboards located there are being seen by thousands of people each day.



ART-vertisement: OCBC Campaign at Raffles Place, Singapore


There are endless ways of portraying your ideas or sending your messages across to public. Your idea is only limited by your own creativity. There are so many different types of outdoor advertising that you can explore. Billboards alone can be varied into back-lit, front-lit, tri-vision or evendigital.


Design Possibilities: Creative Outdoor

>  Portrayed above is OCBC’s Stay Curious Campaign which was executed back in 2007.


M1 at People’s Park Complex, Singapore



SingTel at Batam Centre Point Ferry Terminal, Indonesia


Outdoor advertising lets you choose to whom you wish to present your material to. For example, if you’re targeting athletes or active sport goers, you might pick an LED billboard in the stadium. If you’re targeting teens, then you might pick locations near the arcade or fast food restaurants perhaps. If you’re targeting the senior citizens, maybe places such as the park or the hospital.

Specific target in specific location

In the first image above, M1 is targeting the crowd exiting the MRT station –specifically towards the Chinese community, as it is located at Chinatown. This explains why the advertisement is in Chinese. The ads for SingTel, on the other hand, are all in Bahasa Indonesia. They are targeting the Indonesians / tourists travelling to Singapore to purchase their hi!Tourist prepaid cards upon arrival.



FLIR & Toshiba at Sim Lim Square, Singapore


It is a known fact that these days, people are mostly travelling out rather than staying in. Especially in a fast moving country, everybody wants to be up-to-date –be it with the latest fashion trends, hanging out at the most hip cafes or catch the hit movie that people have been anxiously waiting. This means that they have to travel or eat out, which leads to yet another reason why people travel; to work a part/full-time job so that they could afford their lifestyle. 

No escape; More people spend their time out-of-home than indoors

>  Most technophiles would probably frequent I.T. malls such as Sim Lim Square – perfect for Toshiba’s new Qosmio X370 notebook launch.

It is also the ideal location for FLIR to promote their new infrared cameras with the tagline, ‘Delivering the future of infrared.’ These are thermal cameras for electrical & mechanical, made to detect safety hazards before they happen.



Citibank at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia


The reason Out-of-Home (OOH) media is called “out-of-home” is because they are information that is consumed outside of homes. OOH media are mostly in large formats. Such examples are the big LED screens on the inside or outside of malls and the huge billboards on the highways. They are meant to be eye-catchy so the larger the better. Billboards are strategically places in prominent places where the big crowds and heavy traffics are. People may not realize but billboards send their messages across subliminally. This means that you may not remember where or how you see it, but your brain already has that knowledge stored just by glancing –especially if you keep going to and fro the same route and seeing the same thing repeatedly.

Impactful, Impressive & Influential

What is better than a static image advertisement? An interactive one. Citibank advertises at our LCD screens in Jakarta International Airport to target the business frequent flyers and the middle to high class people. A moving / changing visual would certainly grab the attention and curiosity of viewers. This is how OOH media can be engaging.


After all that is stated above, don’t you want to consider giving OOH media a shot yourself? To find out more on how this can be useful to you, drop us a ring at 0811 7747 888.



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