Insights5 Insights on Indonesian Travellers to Singapore
5 Insights on Indonesian Travellers to Singapore

5 Insights on Indonesian Travellers to Singapore

A recent article by the Straits Times has revealed that Indonesians are still the largest country market for Changi Airport. Thus, with the many Indonesians visiting the city-state ever year, here are 5 things you should know about Indonesian travellers to Singapore.


To sum it up, there is great potential in this market due to their large numbers and increasing purchasing power (you may read more here). Although many visit Singapore for the shopping, just as many come for medical, education, and business. Thus, a knowledge of the travelling habits and patterns of Indonesian travellers to Singapore would be beneficial for marketing efforts. It is essential to know what makes them tick. This way, ads can be designed with the right message and placed in the right location allowing them to attract and retain attention.


Here at TPM, we have a niche in airport and ferry media. Thus, there are a number of our clients who target Indonesian travellers to Singapore. Some of our locations that are popular among these brands include strategic sites at Jakarta Airport and Batam ferry terminals. They are first places that Indonesian travellers come into contact with upon reaching our sunny shores. Hence their ever growing popularity among such brands.


If you would like to learn more about reaching out to this group of people, give us a call! Alternatively, drop us an email at!

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