5 Tips On How To Fail At Outdoor Advertising, Including Sex

All over the internet, people have captured and shared to no end various #advertisingfails. Some of which are downright hilarious, while others are sadly unfortunate.


Like all things in life, it pays to be meticulous: the devil’s definitely in the details and the littlest mistakes can often cause the greatest #advertisingfails.


With out-of-home (OOH) ads, your copy and creative needs to be easy to understand. Your audience won’t have time or the attention to decipher an ad that is unclear. It’s a fine balance, but all it takes is careful proof-reading and an eye for unintended nuances that could make your campaign go awry. Just think of those unfortunate ads that went viral for all the wrong reasons!


Learning from the best comes hand in hand with taking notes from the mistakes of others. Below are five tips on how to fail-proof your OOH ad.


Tip 1 – Choose the right font – Pepsi x Aape


Tip #1 – Choose the right font: One that doesn’t distract your audience from the original message.

Tip #2 – Know thy medium: While a campaign may have more than one creative visual, it’s crucial to know which ones work best with the chosen medium.


Tip 2 – Know Thy Medium – Wildrose

Tip #3 – Avoid the Mona

Tip3 – Check Your Viewing Angles – Esurance


Lisa Effect: Simplicity is indeed key but sometimes, simple fonts can lead to devastating consequences as seen in this case. It helps to check if your creative sends a different message than you intend from a different angle. Our advice? Check that blind spot!


Tip #4 – Installation Done Right: We’ve got you covered on this one, so you have one less thing to worry about! When it comes to installing your ads across our ad spaces, we do a mean job out of it such that your campaign doesn’t end up looking like this.


Tip 4 – Perfect Installation Is Key

Tip #5 – Sex Sells, So Does High Visibility Spaces: Our outdoor ad spaces are strategically located at areas of high density (both vehicle and pedestrians), so that you can maximize the attention received for your creative message.


Tip 5 – Sex Sells, So Does High Visibility Spaces


Ok this last tip isn’t really a #fail, but it does make a point.


Now that we’ve gotten your attention

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Over the years, we have gained insights across our various markets that can save you the heartache of joining the ranks of the many #advertisingfails gone viral. But enough about what not to do. Here’s something we found rather clever.


Google recently did an Outdoor campaign featuring a group of advocates with disabilities who pulled themselves up the stairs in 1990 to make their case regarding the American With Disabilities Act. Here are some images from the campaign, showing prominent personalities such as Claudia Gordon, Ed Roberts and Tom Harkin.


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