5 Tips for a Good Billboard

Often, people make the mistake of not making the most advantage out of billboard advertising. Here are 5 tips to correct the misconception of this traditional form of advertising.


  1. Less is more

Since people are either driving or burying their heads in their smart devices, outdoor advertising only has a small window to impact audiences. Therefore, advertising messages should be kept short and simple because it is highly unlikely that anyone will be slowing down to understand a complex story. The industry average has been touted to be 7 words or less.


Tourism Authority of Thailand @ People's Park Complex
Tourism Authority of Thailand @ People’s Park Complex


2. More is better

A billboard is not effective by itself. Increasing the number of billboards, helps to create repetition and this in turn, allows the advertising message to have a better retention rate. However, having many billboards is not enough. They also have to be strategically located so as to ensure multiple exposures.


OCBC NISP @ Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport, Indonesia
OCBC NISP @ Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport, Indonesia


3. Patience is a virtue

Billboards advertisements are nothing like the more personal forms of marketing such as direct mail and social media. Therefore, the objective of your ad should be to build brand recognition over a prolonged period of time, instead of fulfilling short-term goals. As such, a call-to-action may not always be necessary. In fact, more often than not, if your ad is good, your audience will seek you out.


Increment Graph


4. Focus

It is important to decide on the most important part of your billboard ad. This part should be the most noticeable at first glance. Everything else should serve as supports that help to draw attention to this point. Without a focal point, your audience would not know where to look and may end up not absorbing any information at all.


Singapore Police Force @ People's Park Complex
Singapore Police Force @ People’s Park Complex


5. Consistency is key

A billboard has a higher probability of reminding your audience of your brand if the advertising message matches that of your other marketing platforms.  Thus, your billboard design should be in line with your overall marketing strategy so as to increase its effectiveness.


Traveloka (Network) @ Changi International Airport, Singapore & Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Indonesia
Traveloka (Network) @ Changi International Airport, Singapore & Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia


Billboard advertising will always be relevant so long as there are cars on the road and people walking outdoors. If you are wondering about the potential and effectiveness of billboards, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.




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