A Guide on Designing a Memorable Outdoor Advertisement

When they say location, location, location – this is true in creating an outdoor advertisement. Reaching your target audience in the right location where they live, work and play will ensure high frequency and reach. But creating a memorable outdoor advertisement is also more than just taking care of logistics and location. The design of an outdoor advertisement also contributes in making an ad memorable and successful.


Before we move on to our guide on designing memorable outdoor advertisements, it’s important to know about two key points that makes an outdoor advertisement memorable:


  1. Outdoor advertising is all about making an impact through unique and bold advertisements
  2. It is also important for your outdoor advertisement to make an appeal through dynamic and creative content and visuals

5-Hour Energy making use of clear text and bold visuals for their billboard at Mustafa Centre



How does one design a memorable outdoor advertisement?

1. Know Your Target Audience


Advertising is all about marketing your brand and products to the right target audience. Knowing who your audience is makes it easier to think of a design or concept that will connect with them. 


2. Simple and Clean Ads


A memorable outdoor advertisement must be understood by your audience in a split second after viewing it. Keeping your ads clean and simple will make it easier for passersby to understand and process. Make sure to prioritize keywords relevant to your brand or campaign since it also helps in knowing what information is important to include in your ad.


A simple and bold billboard advertisement by Budget Direct Insurance at Hotel Boss in Singapore


3. Direct and Concise Ads


An overcrowded outdoor advertisement will be harder to process by passersby. It is important to convey your message in a short amount of time to make it a memorable outdoor advertisement. Getting your audience’s attention through straightforward, clear, and concise ads helps to inform them immediately about your brand and product. 


4. The Importance of Visuals


Using impactful imagery to attract consumers to your outdoor advertisement is the key to making it memorable. To further increase brand recall, include your brand’s logo or tagline.


5. Think Outside the Box


It never hurts to go above and beyond when it comes to creating a memorable outdoor advertisement. Thinking outside the box helps to set your ad apart from other outdoor advertisements. Don’t be afraid to make it entertaining, unique, or eye-catching to attract attention to your ad.



Trip.com’s simple advertising through logo and video displays at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


The Perfect Media cares greatly about the results your brand will get when partnering with us for your outdoor advertising placements. Besides our various strategic locations across Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines. We help your brand reach the right millions by helping in the logistics and implementation of your memorable outdoor advertisement. 


You can view our case studies to learn more about the many number of brands we have worked with in the past and how we took part in delivering a memorable outdoor advertisement for each one. Contact us and book our sites now by sending an email to ask@tpmoutdoor.com or calling +65 8812 0555 via WhatsApp or mobile.




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