Advan Releases New Phone via Airport Advertising

Advan, the number one local mobile phones/gadget brand in Indonesia, has just launched its latest handphone model, G1. In the TribuneNews, Mr Tjandra, the Marketing Director of Advan, mentioned that the G1 has hardware and software that are on par with mobile gadgets of global brands. It is equipped with fingerprint technology and a camera comparable to that of the latest iPhone. The G1 also comes at a reasonable price point.


We at TPM, are proud to be one of the partners for Advan’s airport advertising efforts.

This recent launch that was conducted through Indonesian TV channel, RCTI, was targeted at the younger audiences in Indonesia. To create awareness for both the G1 and the product launch, Advan has secured 3 of our strategic sites in Terminal 1 of Jakarta’s main airport, Bandara Soekarno-Hatta.


Advan Jakarta Airport Advertising with TPM Outdoor
This site is in the departure area, above the entrance that leads to the boarding lounge.


Advan Jakarta Airport Advertising with TPM Outdoor
Located at the exit of Terminal 1B arrival, this site is effective in targeting those waiting to pick up passengers.


Advan Jakarta Airport Advertising with TPM Outdoor
This strategic site that has a long viewing time is located at the only entrance to the baggage claim area of Terminal 1A.


Being a domestic terminal, Terminal 1’s passengers consists mainly of locals. Most are on short getaways or returning to their hometowns. Observations also show that the sending off, or picking up, of family members together may be a culture. As such, the crowds are a common sight in this terminal.


The crowds here are a potential group for brands worldwide to target.


According to the Boston Consulting Group’s article on Indonesia’s Rising Middle-Class and Affluent Consumers:


The Arc from Need to Convenience to Comfort

As wealth rises and living standards increase, not only do consumers’ savings and purchasing power increase but their needs follow a natural progression: from products that address their basic needs to those that offer greater convenience—and finally to those that offer comfort… As urban consumers move into the middle class and begin to accumulate savings, there is a big jump in the purchase of consumer durables. With this group, our data show that almost half of all households own a washing machine. Technology products also begin to gain popularity in the middle class, with penetration rates of smartphones (at 22 percent) and laptops and PCs (29 percent) growing rapidly.


Advan’s airport advertising at Terminal 1 accurately targets the Class B and Class C income groups by leveraging on the established trend of a growing middle-income class. They also utilised the influence of family and friends on lower-income consumers. More often than not, the first source of information for them is word-of-mouth from family and friends.


Advan Jakarta Airport Advertising with TPM Outdoor
Deloitte Consumer Insight Indonesia 2015 – First Source of Information of Lower Income Groups


Thus, the probability of purchase would be higher when they hear about Advan through returning relatives who travel via Jakarta. Advan also capitalises on the secondary cities’ preference for local brands.

Advan Jakarta Airport Advertising with TPM Outdoor
Deloitte Consumer Insight Indonesia 2015 – Preference for Foreign Brands by Cities


Hence, as compared to a foreign brand (e.g. Samsung), they may be better received.

Advan is certainly doing better and better as the number one local mobile phones/gadget brand in Indonesia.


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