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One little thing known about The Perfect Media is that our company entity started out as a supporting company to our outdoor media network company in the early days before we merged.  In fact, the first job title I took up on Day 1 in The Perfect Media was operations executive! 


TPM Outdoor has a full production team from an in-house team of designers, civil engineering trained personnel, safety officers as well as a production and installation team. We also under-take the site surveys and work with several specialty subcontractors that support us in networking such as fibre optics, cabling and security as well as builders that specialise in finishing and consultancy design including live shows. 


When our clients consider using Outdoor Media, this is to complement their use of media mix or what some agencies will refer to as above the line marketing activities. Clients often neglect that their own assets can also be great physical branding. This can serve the customers coming into the retail shops, external visitors and most importantly their own employees for internal branding too. 



TPM Outdoor is able to provide production installation from planning from the building signage, way-finding and also dOOH with digital signages such as LED screens, LCD screens network. This can include creating lobbies with digital signage as a decoration. 


Here are some typical examples of the work that we do: 



3D Channel Lettering Box Signage on Building Signs 

External building signages can be done at top of the buildings or built on the parapet walls surrounding the building. TPM Outdoor will do the full chain of work such as coordinating with multiple stakeholders on behalf of the client including the facilities management and also professional engineers for the structural and electrical works etc. Signages are regulated under BCA or the Building Construction Authority (BCA), so the application for the BCA license is required if the signage is above 10sqm in size or installed 4m and above. Banners that are above 30 sqm or are above 10sqm are where bars or rods get involved. But for building names, there are some exemptions including being able to install at the roof line above the 30m limit. There is a lot more  information from the BCA website under the Sign Display Guidelines and Requirements.


Here are several work-in-progress photos for one of our building signage projects, and one of the aspects of the work we do is to follow up after installation with regular maintenance and inspection to spot for problems before it snowballs.


Shop – Glass Door Signage; Shop and retail name signages; Digital menus 



Retail outlets can benefit from simple “re-creation” by putting up decals or vinyl stickers in the retail displays and shop windows. New launches such as during the change in seasons, festive periods especially for Christmas and Chinese New Year decoration – are when retail outlets can update their window dressing, glass doors and even changing rooms with an immersive experience. Big events such as the Word Cup in 2018 saw the 3 entrances of Queensway Shopping Centre being adorned with a face to face impression of the world’s favourite football players from various countries around the world.  


Signages placed at strategic locations such as at entrance ways are powerful as they are for head-on viewing and unmissable. McDonald’s use of Out of Home messages were created for IMMEDIATE call to action with a simple arrow signalling the proximity of McDonald’s being a stone’s throw away of less than 50m – 200m, displaying irresistible price offers on breakfasts or lunch meals! 


For those interested to know the formats we have – there is the use of vinyl stickers that ranges from translucent, transparent, double execution with opaque application for the glass panels. As for the lightboxes, we used to have slim lightboxes with T5 tubes but these are now being replaced with slim or frameless LED lightboxes. We can also install these in retail shops with fabric and silicon edging for self applications ie. a layperson can install any change of visual with a single hand! Things are really getting easier and easier for everyone. 



Digital Video Wall 

While digital screens are ubiquitous these days. we cannot underestimate having a good quality system since they are used on a rigorous basis. Unlike a poster, if the electrical components are not working, the display will still be “on” but for all digital screens, be it LED or LCD screens, malfunctioning will literally mean a black screen! 


Digital screens are now trending for its flexibility of use and high pixel pitch. This means that we can often buy a series of screens and with a use of a splitter, we can choose to combine 2-8 screens to form a giant video wall or split them up for use throughout the space. This is my favourite solution as it gives advertisers the best of both worlds. In our campaigns with Tokopedia, we also created 2D and 3D cut outs that will dress up the digital screens so that it will provide a more POP feeling and be an instagram opportunity. Depending on the campaign, this change of frame gives a fresh feel and for one of the campaigns we even did giveaways and samplings from the frame. The most popular give away was high quality reusable shopping bags for a campaign by Lotte’s Duty Free shopping campaign. 


The following are mock-ups done for various clients as a sample of the creative possibilities including the Wrap Around – LCD Screen. The 2D cut out also makes change out very convenient, maintaining a flexible alternative. The cutouts are made with either kapaline boards, chevron boards or polycarbonate depending on the period of use and whether our client is using them for outdoor or indoor usage. During the covid period, we can even combine the use of hand sanitizer to create a facilities branding that can help brands to do good and provide CSR while advertising at the same time. 


Visual Inspection 

Out of Home advertising means that the visual is put up over a period of time and The Perfect Media provides regular inspection reports. Not only are the visuals checked to ensure there are no colour fading or banner installation issues, there are also lighting checks too. As the visuals are subjected to the harsh weather conditions including rain, heat and shine, sometimes the stickers especially the lamination will crack and peel over time. Our TPM team will be there to ensure such things do not happen and within a 12 month warranty period, we will replace and change out such standard wear and tear issues with no questions asked.


Regardless of overseas projects or that in Singapore, our inspection reports are regularly updated. Examples submitted are listed below for Bosch creative graffiti projects in Philippines Manila and for Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. 



PE (Professional Engineer) inspection

In Singapore, all Outdoor Advertising is regulated under the Building Construction Authority (BCA). But for new sites that do not have a prior license before BCA will be consulting internally with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), who manages the city beautification and zoning. It is indeed complicated but it also means that OOH in Singapore is very well regulated; each billboard is well zoned, safe and there will be no over supply of Outdoor Advertising in Singapore. In terms of safety, all signages above 10m sq will require a PE (Professional Engineer) certification. Such certifications are subject to renewal every 1 or 3 years depending on the license nature. 


The Perfect Media has an in-house team of production, installation crew and safety officer members that are well versed in the BCA regulations and we have a long term working relationship with many landlords. Thus in terms of all safety aspects including other stakeholders’ concerns such as electrical, fibre optics and everything needed to make the billboard or signages work, the TPM team works with both the client, building management and other vendors to make it happen.


 Follow up on BCA regulations

Although BCA regulations for Outdoor Advertising in Singapore do not change regularly, it is good to be updated. The regulations can also be challenging to navigate as most of them are based on several criteria such as proximity to residential areas which can be quite difficult to interpret. We would usually recommend clients to do a direct consultation or include TPM Outdoor in the process right from the beginning to reduce investing in Outdoor Advertising that is not approved by BCA. TPM Outdoor provides OOH consulting services to assist our clients in maximising the use of their ambience and wall spaces to generate revenue from advertising. We will also recommend the appropriate facing of the advertising spaces to capture traffic and optimise “head-on” viewing to create more effective outdoor advertising. Such consultancy projects are a small sum for building owners and asset owners to invest in for an unbiased report on the OOH possibilities.


Watch this video on how our extensive experience in outdoor advertising helped Singapore’s newest telecom company TPG to grow its brand recognition. The Perfect Media are proud to have an inhouse professional Out of Home media installation team. We also provide full services from consultation to installation!


The Perfect Media Group (TPM Outdoor) is an outdoor advertising company that is wholly focused on all outdoor advertising related  business in Singapore and South East Asia. From the installation of traditional billboards, trivisions and digital LED screens to the media monetisation, revenue generation and the network of Out-of-Home media across Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines, TPM Outdoor is your expert solution provider in this. Send any question you may have about Outdoor Advertising to us today.  




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