3 Tips on Advertising during Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

This year in October marks the Mid-Autumn festive season where mooncakes and lanterns take the spotlight. Only once a year, mooncake retailers are going all out on marketing their products. Free mooncake sampling can be seen everywhere! Like every festive season, the Mid-Autumn festival 2017 is the perfect opportunity for advertisers to launch campaigns and broadcast their products. The target audience for this season – Chinese, traditional, mooncake-loving.

Apart from free sampling, here’s another solution for you to advertise during Mid-Autumn Festival!


If you are looking to advertise during this festive season or targeting this festive event, it’s about time you plan for it! Over here at TPM Outdoor, we own the solutions for your marketing needs. Outdoor advertising has played a crucial role in advertising over the years, albeit the rise in digital advertising, large physical billboards can be more effective when done right. Here are some tips on how to advertise for Mid-Autumn Festival.


1. Pick the right location

When Mid-Autumn comes, people flock towards mooncake roadshows to find the cheapest, freshest mooncakes (not forgetting the free samples!). Chinatown hosts the Mid-Autumn Festive Bazaar & Carnival annually. Last year, there were over 300 mooncake stalls at the bazaar, gathering a huge crowd of mooncake-lovers right at Chinatown. Other events include mass lantern walks, night performances and the famed street light ups. With Chinatown being the highlight this festive season, advertising at that location would be effective. Take a look at how Bank of China stood out among the many other financial institutions in the area.


Bank of China outdoor advertisement

There cannot be anywhere else in Singapore more Chinese than Chinatown 

2. Know your audience

Advertising to the right audience is undoubtedly essential for effective advertising. The majority demographic celebrating this festivity is Chinese, appreciative of tradition, or just love mooncakes and lanterns. If your product, service or industry serves this audience, do act fast and engage your audience by planning out your Mid-Autumn Festival advertisement. Coupled with tip number 1, you can expect greater ROI when you grab the attention of the right people at the right location. Look at how ICBC advertises to their targeted audience in the targetted location.


ICBC Advertisement Chinatown

Once you go yellow, you’re a jolly good fellow

3. Be visible, be everywhere

Creative campaigns and fanciful artworks may win you awards, but big physical billboards everywhere is sure to have your brand remembered by those who see it. Print advertisements are now ignored and digital advertisements can now be avoided. Fortunately, outdoor advertisements cannot be averted! Having your brand seen either by choice or in the background of another event boosts awareness of your intended message on outdoor advertisements. Our billboard being seen in the background of a featured news post by ChannelNewsAsia is the perfect example.

Bus service operating hours extendedSource:

OOH is just like Chinatown, old but gold

Combining all 3 tips will help you on how to advertise effectively this Mid-Autumn festival. Advertising at various sites in Chinatown and targeting Chinese, traditional and mooncake and lantern loving audiences is how you should be doing it. If you have plans for advertising this Mid-Autumn festival, contact us now! If you have yet to make plans, secure your advertising spot with us now before it’s too late!





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