Anime Unleashed: Crunchyroll Advertises at Suntec City and Ten Square

Crunchyroll advertises at Suntec City and Ten Square

Streaming platforms have emerged as the go-to destination for individuals seeking entertainment on their terms. The convenience of accessing this content anytime anywhere, has fueled the global rise of streaming services.

Crunchyroll is an independently operated joint venture between U.S.-based Sony Pictures Entertainment and Japan’s Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., both subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation.

It is one of the largest online streaming services that specializes in providing a wide range of anime and manga content. The platform offers a vast library of anime titles, including popular series, simulcasts, and classic shows. Anime enthusiasts can enjoy high-quality streaming without resorting to piracy, thanks to Crunchyroll’s commitment to providing legal and licensed anime content. The platform supports the anime industry by obtaining the necessary licenses to distribute content from various Japanese animation studios. 

Crunchyroll champions the art and culture of anime for a passionate community of fans worldwide. (Streaming anime, hosting events, theoretical distribution, selling collectibles, and many more)

According to Money Kinetics,  last updated in 2021, in terms of legal streaming channels, the costs are summarized as




Amazon Prime Video










$3.95 – $7.95


How widely and regularly is anime watched in Singapore?

In 2022,  half of Netflix’s 222 million subscribers worldwide used the streaming service to watch anime, while total anime-watching time on the platform globally increased by 20% year-on-year. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures acquired the anime streaming service Crunchyroll for US$1.175 billion in August 2021.


But how popular is anime in Singapore, where 45% of the population say they stream videos, movies, TV shows, and other media over the internet, according to April 2022 data from YouGov Profiles? What is the proportion of anime watchers who purchase anime merchandise, visit anime-themed business establishments, and participate in ticketed anime conventions?

Netflix Anime Shows List

Anime News Network

Netflix anime Kohbara Interview

The latest research from YouGov Real-time Omnibus, as of March 2022, found that over half of adults in Singapore (52%) have watched anime at least once. And among the 48% who have not, more than one-fifth (21%) say they would consider watching anime in the future, while over three-quarters (79%) rule this out. In this same research, it was found that Netflix is the most subscribed video streaming service in Singapore, and the next most popular platform is Disney+ (17%), followed by Singtel TV with 11% and StarHub TV with 10%. Other streaming platforms that we have seen in Singapore include Mewatch by Mediacorp iQiyi, Viu, and TVBAnywhere+ App. Some platforms, like iQiyi, could be free for the viewers if subject to ads; others, like TVB, are about S$7-8 per month.

In 2022, of anime watchers in Singapore, one-sixth watch regularly while three-fifths watch occasionally

The most liked genre in Singapore:

Over half of regular viewers (53%), and a third of casual viewers (33%), rank action anime as their top choice. While less than a third of casual viewers (30%) and more than two-fifths (43%) of frequent viewers enjoy adventure anime, comedy anime is preferred by more than one-third (35%) of frequent viewers and more than a quarter of casual viewers (28%).

The two most popular genres in Singapore, action and adventure, are represented in the advertisements at Suntec City and Ten Square. (Spy x Family & One Piece)

While action and adventure animes are very popular, isekai animes are also enjoyed by a small percentage of anime fans, or otakus, who have an intense or obsessive interest in manga and anime.  For example, Sword Art Online or Yu-Gi-Oh. These are both essentially places where the main characters travel to a different world via VR. Did you know that recently, an article or study stormed Singapore headlines about how virtual reality therapy can help you get over your phobias? Take a look:

Source: Virtual Reality Cockroach Phobia

Because of Crunchyroll’s booming stable content, Crunchyroll has become the global destination for anime streaming. The brand boasts over 100 million registered users and over 5 million subscribers. Crunchyroll merged its vast lineup with fellow genre titan Funimation to deliver thousands of titles 24/7. 

Source: Tech Services

Furthermore, there was a pop-up event at Bugis near Orchard, where our Heeren 3D LED Anamorphic Screen is.

Spy X Family Pop-Up Store is amazing at Bugis+ in Singapore!  

Many events, like the Spy X Family anime Bugis event, are also being hosted at Suntec City.

One event in particular has become infamous: the AFA Singapore 2023 event. Why? That’s because an announcement that a Japanese sex toy manufacturer will have a booth at Singapore’s largest Japanese pop-culture event has sparked a strong debate online, with some questioning the appropriateness of the move.  

Another sports mall that is youth-targeted is the Queensway Shopping Centre. Our most recent client at Queensway Shopping Centre is Genshin Impact! Not only did they choose to advertise in Queensway Shopping Centre, but also in other locations such as Suntec City, Peoples Park Complex, Bugis Street, and Junction 8.

And that is not all! Netflix activation showed at CFD Jakarta a One Piece advertisement. Because of how creatively clever it was displayed, the advertisement gained a lot of attention, even from tourists!

Why Streaming Platforms Use Outdoor Advertising in Singapore

Singapore’s tech-savvy and diversified populace is embracing streaming platforms for outdoor advertising, demonstrating the city’s strategic role in sustaining urban vibrancy and diversity.

Streaming platforms utilize outdoor advertising in Singapore for several reasons:

Visibility and Reach: Streaming platforms can reach a wider audience with outdoor advertising because of their high foot traffic in strategic regions. By putting advertisements in noticeable places, you can make sure that people who aren’t even subscribers yet know about the services offered by the platform.

Promotion of Exclusive Content: Outdoor advertisements serve as a platform for showing unique and captivating content. Teasers and sneak peeks arouse public curiosity about upcoming releases, which entice viewers to explore the site further.

Geo targeting and localized marketing: Because of Singapore’s rich and varied culture, streaming services recognize the value of customizing their advertising. When campaigns and content are made specific to the local audience’s culture, outdoor advertising becomes an effective tool for building relationships.

Competitive Edge: Outdoor advertising makes streaming service providers stand out in a market where they are competing for viewership. Well-planned and well-positioned advertisements enable a brand to stand out from competitors.

Advertise at Suntec City & Ten Square: 

Placing Crunchyroll advertisements on digital LED screens in well-known locations like Suntec City and Ten Square in Singapore offers several tactical advantages for reaching and engaging the target audience effectively:

The Spy x Family event taking place at Bugis+ is close to Ten Square, which will draw attention to the large 3D-like digital advertisement that Crunchy Roll set up there.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) mentioned Suntec City as one of the largest commercial developments in Singapore, located within the Marina Centre subzone of the Downtown Core. 

Suntec Tourism and Locals Hotspot is a highly visible venue for clients because, in addition to being Singapore’s best shopping mall, it hosts a number of comic cons, anime festivals, and booths showcasing Japanese pop culture.

While Suntec City is popular amongst Otakus, Ten Square is popular amongst local and international students. Ten Square is located close to reputable schools such as SMU, SOTA, and LaSalle. Ten squares close proximity to reputable schools such as SMU, SOTA, and LaSalle contributes to its popularity among local and international students.

Ten Square, which is close to institutions like Kaplan, SMU, and SOT, has an impressive LED screen that surrounds everyone who passes by. But what sets the 3D digital screen at ten squares apart from other billboards? It is because they have a distinct goal–to platform initiatives that aid the community by literally projecting it on the big screen 



  1. High Footfall and Visibility:

Ten Square and Suntec City are well known for drawing a wide range of consumers, including both residents and tourists. These sets’ digital LED screens promise optimal visibility, drawing in the attention of the sizable, diverse crowd that passes by.

  1. Central Business District (CBD) Presence:

Both Suntec City and Ten Square are situated in or near the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, making them central hubs for business, leisure, and shopping. The CBD attracts professionals and urban residents, offering a prime opportunity to target a tech-savvy and entertainment-seeking demographic.

  1. Targeting Millennials and Tech-Savvy Audiences:

Millennials form a significant part of the audience interested in anime and streaming platforms like Crunchyroll. Ten Square is also strategically located close to reputable schools (SMU, SOTA, and LaSalle), making it popular among local and foreign students. The digital LED screens in these locations allow. Crunchyroll to tap into the younger and more tech-savvy demographic likely to engage with online streaming content.

  1. Entertainment and Lifestyle Hub:

Suntec City, in particular, is not just a shopping center but also an entertainment and lifestyle hub with theaters, restaurants, and recreational spaces. Placing advertisements in such a multifaceted environment aligns with the entertainment aspect of Crunchyroll’s offerings.

  1. Global Conventions and Events:

Suntec City is a popular venue for conventions, trade shows, and events. The digital LED screens can be utilized during anime or entertainment-related events to maximize exposure.

Ten Square, being nearby, complements the reach of advertisements during these events, creating a comprehensive marketing strategy.

  1. Lifestyle and leisure activities:

Both locations cater to a variety of lifestyle and leisure activities, making them ideal for reaching individuals during their leisure time. People engaged in shopping, dining, or other leisure activities are likely to be receptive to entertainment-related advertisements.

According to YouGov Profiles data from April 2022, Singapore’s anime trend is an emerging cultural trend. Crunchyroll’s clever use of outdoor advertising in Singapore’s bustling cityscape is a celebration of the country’s thriving anime scene as much as an advertising technique. Anime has influenced Singapore’s entertainment industry as we explore the various ways in which fans engage with the medium—from watching episodes to buying merchandise and participating in events featuring an anime theme.

To put it simply, the Crunchyroll ads that are displayed at Suntec City and Ten Square complement Singapore’s lively and diverse urban environment. Crunchyroll made the most of its visibility while also appealing to the wide variety of interests and lifestyles of its target audience by leveraging these important locations.

So, What are you wait for?



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