How Did the Apple AirPods Pro Achieve Impactful Outdoor Advertising?

Apple dropped their new Apple AirPods Pro last October but not without dropping another amazing billboard campaign. How does Apple create a big impact with outdoor advertising?


The globally-famous smartphone brand, Apple, is a company who never fails to make impactful and creative billboard advertisements. In our previous article about smartphone brands and their outdoor advertisements, we talked about how Apple has gone to great creative lengths with their billboards.

The tech giant has done it once again for the reveal of their new Apple AirPods Pro.


An unnamed Apple billboard located at Singapore’s The Centrepoint at Orchard Road


Larger-than-life and unnamed photos of dancers graced storefronts in 17 Apple stores across the world some time ago. Many believed that the photos of these dancers were an homage to Apple’s pioneer iPod campaign of silhouettes dancing or listening to music. For this billboard campaign, Apple didn’t only go to great lengths but they also added a touch of mystery in the mix which made everyone curious.


Apple reveals AirPods Pro in billboard campaign at The Centrepoint
The updated AirPods Pro billboard in the same Singapore location after the product’s launch


What were these ads of dancing people for? On October 30, we finally found out that they were actually for the reveal of Apple’s AirPods Pro. The billboards had added on the new AirPods Pro onto the ears of these dancers that weren’t there before. Some of it were visual patches of the AirPods Pro added onto the existing billboards while others were replaced entirely to add in the new earphones into the photo. 


This new outdoor advertising campaign by Apple strayed away from their traditional CEO product introductions. Not only were the photos aesthetically pleasing, the ads were simple and straight to the point. The creativity of Apple went beyond… and quite literally. Some billboards had the dancers’ arms or legs extending out of the billboard spaces used.


Apple AirPods Pro billboard in United Arab Emirates
The Apple AirPods Pro billboard extending out of its space located in the United Arab Emirates


Putting together this campaign wasn’t an easy feat. Besides having to update the billboards during the reveal date, the Apple team chose the final photos by narrowing them down from a choice of 30,000 images taken by professional and amateur photographers. The team had to make sure that each and every photo that they chose would be a perfect fit to the spaces and locations they were using.


Milan outdoor advertising by Apple
Apple creatively using their Apple Store in Milan as a billboard space for their AirPods Pro campaign


Apple’s outdoor advertising campaigns have never failed to inspire and impress others. They were able to generate buzz, incite curiosity, and advertise their new product through large and aesthetic billboards. A smartphone brand like Apple has continuously used outdoor advertising as a medium for many reasons: limitless and innovative creativity, maximum brand visibility, wide audience reach, higher brand recall, and rising above the clutter of online advertising.


The Perfect Media has partnered with various brands such as Singtel for effective outdoor advertising campaigns. Brands like Singtel have consistently placed billboard advertisements all over Singapore to position themselves as a top player in the telecommunications industry.


Singtel SG50
A large outdoor advertisement for Singtel celebrating SG50 seen from a distance


One of our biggest projects with Singtel saw great success during the 50th National Day of Singapore in 2015. During the Singtel’s SG50 campaign, including outdoor advertisements in several locations such as Pickering Operations Centre, Orchard Exchange, Central Exchange, North Exchange, and Ketong Exchange made their promotions more visible and more effective. Besides advertising at the aforementioned strategic locations, the size of some of the Singtel SG50 billboards were very large and went up to 1,841 sqm!


Singtel SG50 billboard at Orchard Exchange
Singtel SG50 billboard signage at Orchard Exchange


Brands such as Apple and Singtel have consistently included outdoor advertising placements in their campaigns. They are aware of how effective outdoor advertising is when it comes to generating buzz, showcasing their products and creativity, and reaching a large number of consumers. Besides placing billboard advertisements that are simple, creative, and aesthetically-pleasing, they choose high-traffic locations and rent large spaces so that you won’t miss them! These brands’ outdoor advertising strategies only keep getting stronger as they realize the success and impact that it has given their campaigns.

The Perfect Media has strategic billboard and digital signage locations in Singapore and across Southeast Asia. With our strategic locations and your brand’s creative outdoor advertising campaign, be prepared to reach the right millions just like Apple, Volvo, and Singtel have. Talk to our sales representatives today and book our sites now by sending an email to or calling +65 8812 0555 via WhatsApp or mobile.



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