Art Week 2019 Singapore with Canon in Sim Lim Square

Art Week 2019 Singapore

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. To accurately target potential customers who has the interest to invest in optical imaging products such as higher quality cameras, photocopiers and many more similar products which may not be cheap, Canon has engaged us for our outdoor advertising space in Sim Lim Square known for its sale of electronic and IT-related products.


Accurately targeting Canon’s advertisement to optical and camera technology enthusiasts may be an uphill task due to the small number of people who might be willing to invest in such products. Furthermore, the ubiquity of possible substitutes such as imaging technology from a smartphone may further confound their intended target audience with everyday users of such technology who may not possess the need for Canon products. Hence, finding the effective media channel to maximise accurate targeting and returns to investment remains pertinent, for only maximising outreach as the media strategy may be counter-effective.


We have helped in providing our outdoor media spaces with static billboards in the form of light boxes and stickers located in Sim Lim Square that is known for its sale of digital technology products. Advertising at Sim Lim Square itself is effective because we can guarantee that the footfall of passers-by who have seen our advertisement would have been interested in imaging products like that of Canon or other similar digital technology products. Our proposed solution would have been better off compared to employing a general media channel and being unsure of our viewers’ receptiveness towards advertisements shown to them. Additionally, our stickers and lightboxes outside and inside of Sim Lim Square respectively provides wayfinding directions for interested customers to locate Canon inside the mall. Also recently, the biennial Arts Week of Singapore hosted in Sim Lim Square in January 2019 has boosted the footfall of interested digital product buyers into the mall, giving our advertising spaces more exposure to them.


Facing the imminent threat of en-bloc the surfacing of many other shopping outlets around the vicinity, electronics hub Sim Lim Square has capitalised on its reputation in digital technologies to infuse it with the preservation of the arts to attract more customers to the mall. So far, the 3-week residency held in the city’s ‘tech’ mecca aims to code and recode perspectives surrounding art, technology and space, and has been effective in engage with communities and resources at Sim Lim Square to develop new works and artistic discourses. Thus, the timely development of such initiatives has provided without doubt greater viewership towards our advertisement space and Canon products in Sim Lim Square due to the increased footfall.




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