B2B marketing benefits from using OOH advertising

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Impressive Billboard OOH in Yangon Canon B2B Branding in Yangon


Out-of-home advertising, for B2B brands, is thriving right now especially when helping to reach business decision makers in a hyper-targeted and hyperlocal manner. That’s especially true for B2B brands that are trying to generate more leads and increase their upper funnel prospecting. In fact, OOH numbers increased around 7.7% during Q2 2019 when compared to 2018.

And the numbers are growing because Out-of-home advertising comes with huge advantages for the B2B brands. Having a brand being in the decision maker’s face also supports the B2B sales process since 23% of decision makers ranked meeting up with a B2B sales rep as one of the top 3 most beneficial interaction to research about a B2B supplier in a recent McKinsey survey of “B2B decision Maker Response To Covid-19 Crisis”.


OOH Triggers Search Data

It’s very easy to lose yourself in numbers in the B2B world. Brands can measure impressions thanks to data and technology. Mobile tech is very useful because it can help track location data, call to action and even track views. They can also retarget B2B clients that already saw the ads online or had some form of interaction with the B2B brand sales rep. According to Nielsen, around 33% of the B2B audience searched for an advertiser after seeing OOH ads. That says a lot about the efficiency of those ads and the value that they can deliver.


It’s a different way to capture B2B customer attention

Nowadays you will notice that most B2B buyers are focused on the online world when it comes to capturing the buyer attention. Infographics, ebooks, webinars, white papers, case studies and even blog posts are all great, but OOH can be even better. B2B clients want less of a sales pitch (more than 93%), and instead they need a way to see how those solutions can help them.

Run SAP Campaign
Run SAP Campaign

Further risk aversion is key to B2B buyers that often have greater stakes, smaller budgets and condensed timelines to support business initiatives thus it is no surprised that 67% of B2B buyers agreed that they relied more on peer recommendations when making a final purchasing decision. OOH advertising is able to provide storytelling opportunities in a single frame, emotional link and peer recognition such as SAP’s campaigns.


Reminder to Interact with B2B Sales Rep


B2B Sales Funnel
B2B Sales Funnel


Normally, the B2B customers tend to progress more than 70% of the buying process without even talking with a sales presentative. You need to focus on the entire journey, because if you focus only on the sales tactics, discounts and pricing, you’ll miss interacting with experts and bringing in the best value and solutions.


Face to Face Meetings Generate More Better Ideas
Face to Face Meetings Generate More Better Ideas


It is said that face to face meetings with the sales rep generates 13.36 times more ideas. Originality, flexibility and perceived trust are also higher. It’s definitely worth it to know what you are getting into and how you can adapt and adjust to provide the best results. You need to share the right content in front of the proper audience for it. At the end of the day, your content won’t be great if your audience is unable to find it!


It’s highly targeted

You will also notice that Out-of-home advertising is very powerful and highly targeted. The best thing that it does is it allows you to identify B2B customer patterns and then you can adapt your media placement to that by being part of the B2B customers’ literal journey.


By Xero Xero branding on bus, stopping at the Xero bus stop outside the Xero London office
By Xero Xero branding on bus, stopping at the Xero bus stop outside the Xero London office


Some B2B brands buy Out-of-home advertising close to the company headquarters to boost morale. Media agencies can map out how to purchase Out-of-home advertising in specific locations where employees from their target clients can see it.


It helps you focus on creativity

With help from Out-of-home advertising you can be as creative as possible. Some B2B clients can be hard to convert into paid customers, but the OOH ads drive engagement and they are designed with creative impact in mind. When you create such ads, you have a large, blank canvas where you can showcase your creativity. It’s unique, different and it has the potential to really push the boundaries and take things to the next level.


Bosch B2B Branding in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia
Bosch B2B Branding in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia


One thing is certain, Out-of-home advertising offers great advantages to B2B branding. The fact that they can target new clients, be more creative and even measure the results with great ease can really make a huge difference. You can still use a variety of tools and features, and the entire process provides you with a blank canvas that you can use at your own pace.



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