Bali Safari Advertises at Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Indonesia

Gusti Ngurah Rai International is the only commercial airport in Bali and has served over 9 million passenger movements since the start of the year. Bali Airport is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia, both in terms of the number of passengers and the number of aircraft movements.

International versus domestic airport statistics and flights numbers

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But why is Bali so popular compared to the rest of Indonesia? 


Popularity of Bali

One of the main reasons for Bali’s success is its well-earned reputation as a tropical paradise. The island is known for its breathtaking beaches, verdant surroundings, and captivating sunsets that draw tourists from all over the world. People’s love for Bali stems in large part from its natural charm as well as its reputation for a lively culture and friendly people.

Beautiful beaches are one of Bali’s main attractions. From popular spots like Kuta and Seminyak to hidden gems like Nusa Dua and Uluwatu.

Another important consideration is the ease of access to Bali as a destination. Bali is well-connected to major cities and countries, with international flights arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport daily. Once on the island, visitors can easily navigate the well-developed transportation system, making exploration a breeze.

Bali’s recent hosting of prestigious events like the IMF meeting and the G20 summit highlights its global prominence. But what makes Bali so appealing for event organizers, especially post-pandemic?


 World-Class Infrastructure:

Bali has invested considerably in its infrastructure to cater to global events. Venues like the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center and the Bali International Convention Center have state-of-the-art facilities. These spaces can host large-scale conferences, exhibitions, and more, with advanced audio-visual equipment, high-speed internet, and impeccable service.


Ubiquitous Culture:

From the ornate temples and ceremonies to the daily offerings seen on the streets, culture is intertwined in the daily lives of the Balinese. Events held here don’t just offer a room or a hall; they provide a cultural immersion. This profound cultural experience enhances the appeal for corporations and companies looking to provide a unique experience for their attendees. 


 Warm Hospitality:

The Balinese are known for their warmth and hospitality. Attendees often find the service impeccable and the interactions genuine. This warmth adds an intangible value to the event experience, making attendees feel valued and cared for.


GoTo advertisement at Bali Airport: 

Taking advantage of the G20 Summit that was held in Bali and Jakarta, which is increasing visitors to Bali, GoTo placed their advertisement in Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport to welcome all G20’s government leaders and their ministers, all media representatives, and other summit and invited guests.

Bali Safari’s new attraction, “Varuna,” the first underwater theater in Indonesia, highlights local lore.

Bali Safari’s objective is To convey and announce theiri new attraction of “Varuna”, the first underwater theater in Indonesia that highlights local lore. Visitors can enjoy this world-class show accompanied by culinary dishes with an Indonesian touch, to arriving tourist at the first gate of Airport Arrival Immigration.

Featuring their light boxes behind the immigration counter and at the arrival baggage claim area in Bali International Arrival Hall, they clearly convey the messages and spread the information to all arriving passengers about their existence and the amazing attractions of their Safari and Marine Park in Bali, increasing visitors to this unique tourist destination. With the high dwell time when waiting for luggage, the static site for Bali Safari will 100% capture key information and relay it to viewers.

Alipay advertisement at Bali Airport Baggage Claim Area

Alipay Advertises at Bali Airport with The Perfect Media

The Top Must-See Cultural & Religious Landmarks in Bali:


The spring, which feeds dozens of streams and branches of the Pakerisan River, is thought to have magical powers. The temple is divided into three sections, the most popular of which is Jawa Tengah, where locals line up at two purification pools to cleanse themselves under 30 free-flowing water spouts.


While there are no elephants in Goa Gajah, there are stone structures and rock-wall carvings from the ninth and tenth centuries. Elephant Cave is located just outside of Ubud, where two streams intersect to form a river junction. 



Tirta Gangga, located just 12 kilometers south of Indonesia’s most famous volcano, is a sacred site and refuge for Bali residents. The lush water palace, which means “water from the Ganges,” features a winding trail of gardens and fountains, as well as stone carvings and statues, all designed to immerse visitors in a sense of sanctity.


Here are some must-have apps for visiting Bali:

Grab and Gojek

They’re like your typical ride-hailing apps, where you can summon taxis to wherever you are. Since Bali isn’t that huge, you can get a Grab/Gojek to whisk you across the entire island! And if you’re flying solo, you can hop on a Grab Bike and zip around on the back of a motorcycle for even cheaper rates!



While we usually use Google Maps, Waze is also handy for navigating Bali. It’s especially useful because some roads and side streets don’t show up on Google Maps. Many taxi drivers in Bali prefer Waze because it seems to know the area better.

Peduli Lindungi Mobile App

This Bali health app, compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, was previously required for tourists entering the country to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Although enforcement

may not be strict, it’s still worth considering downloading and keeping the Bali Health app up-to-date in case you’re ever requested to use it.


A lot of places in Bali will allow you to pay with a card, unless you’re going to more remote areas. For example, the newly launched Indonesian digital QR payment system by the Bank of Indonesia.

Bank of Indonesia has launched a campaign at Bali Ferry terminal, Indonesia with the help of The Perfect Media. You can Read More on this at out Blog Linked Below!

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