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Ballroom for Weddings

As more and more couples choose to have their weddings held at a function hall rather than at void decks of the seemingly smaller and smaller HDB flats, we can see many wedding venue businesses advertising their services. There are so many to choose from -but naturally, those that raise their brand awareness via advertising get their name in the spotlight more than the rest.


Apart from TV commercials, newspapers or social media platforms, Out Of Home (OOH) media is still a choice of advertising for some companies. Bijan Restaurant, for one, have put up their ad on one of our billboards located right in the Heart of Geylang.


TPM Outdoor - Bijan Restaurant - Geylang

Bijan Restaurant’s billboard ad placement is facing the cross junction of social & heritage hub -Wisma Geylang Serai, the famous Geylang Wet Market & the go-to shopping mall for jewelleries, Malay textiles and traditional clothes- Joo Chiat Complex.


Many may not know that people still visit this area not only for the huge wet market cum hawker centre at the second level -that sells awesome chendol and Nasi Padang -but also for other needs. It is the most convenient area for Muslims to find their religious books, apparels or other traditional items. This is also the easiest place for Malay couples to get their wedding needs, such as bunga rampai – an assortment of fragrant flowers packaged beautifully to be gifted to close relatives after the solemnization of the bride and groom. In Joo Chiat itself, there are countless shops providing wedding door gifts & card printing services.


That being said, Bijan Restaurant certainly did not miss their target for raising their brand awareness in this area.
TPM has the perfect media for different target audience, hence, reaching the right millions.  Call us so that we can help YOU reach to your right millions. (;



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