Beck’s Beer Branding at the Kopitiams

Sponsorship with shops and chain outlets is an effective form of point-of-sales (POS) advertising. Some product categories such as credit cards, beer and in some countries, cigarettes do more POS advertising than others.


In Singapore, we have Visa and Mastercard vying at the upmarket retails and food establishments at Club Street or at Far East Square. While the beer boys fight it out in the rows of coffeeshops/ kopitiams along the bustling Geylang. (Note: Kopitiam is the dialect Hokkien for coffeeshop. It is comparable to a cafe in Europe and a mamak stall in Malaysia)


Outdoor plays a strong and large – as in literally LARGE role in these retails sponsorship for POS items such as shop sign, awnings/ canopies, parasols and even the furniture! TPM Outdoor Productions is also highly involved in the production of these and has helped esteemed brands such as Mastercard and Beck’s Beer in several projects.

Most recently we have completed a lightbox signage for Beck’s Beer at a coffeeshop/ kopitiam along the Geylang Road. The key challenge was its size since it was more than 6m wide.

Other more notable production for Beck’s Beer POS items was at the coffeeshop/ kopitiam at the Fu Lou Shou Building at Bugis next to the famous Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street. Notable because it was very nicely executed and that the kopitiam had very good food too! 😉



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