Best Ramadan Campaign Ads Inspiration

Ramadan season is just around the corner. In 2022, Ramadan will begin on the evening of April 2nd. If you’re wondering how marketers or businesses can be more conscious about subverting Ramadan tropes and positively contributing to culture through Ramadan campaign ads, you came to the right place.


Let’s take a look at some of the Ramadan campaign ads from well-known brands in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia to inspire your business ads for the month of fasting.



Ramadan Campaign Ads: McDonald’s Singapore

A Ramadan campaign ads by McDonald’s Singapore has gone viral internationally and received high praise from netizens.


This 1 minute 52 second video tells the story of a McDonald’s delivery guy from the start of the day to a pre-fast meal with his family. Cameras then follow him as he makes a delivery, overcoming difficulties. He even helps a man whose car had broken down.


Towards the end of the advertisement, the driver messaged a man and asked him when he could his fast. The man offers him a Happy Sharing Box of McDonald’s and the ad ends with the tagline: “Share The Spirit of Ramadan.”


A tweet containing the clip went viral with more than 23,000 likes and 26,000 retweets.


Netizens talked about how the story touched them. This short movie is not only a McDonald’s story or a Ramadan tale but also a human story that everyone can relate to.



Ramadan Campaign Ads: Celcom Malaysia

Looking to build brand awareness during the competitive season, Celcom Malaysia launched an interesting campaign on YouTube featuring various video content. Celcom Ramadan campaign ads were released throughout the month, gaining millions of views and driving a significant increase in signups.



Celcom understands that they need to better connect with their target consumers and reshape consumers’ perceptions as a brand that people can connect to.


Celcom recognizes YouTube as the best platform to reach a targeted audience of the video lover segment. They came up with an ambitious plan for its first digital campaign. It built excitement and developed emotional connection during Hari Raya by releasing one unique video per day during the fasting month period.



Ramadan Campaign Ads: GOJEK Indonesia

The month of Ramadan is a period for many people to worship and seek merit.

GOJEK has had a couple of interesting annual Ramadan campaign ad in Indonesia. One example is the GOJEK campaign entitled #CariPahala.


The unique Gojek advertisement


In this campaign, GOJEK presents storytelling in a short movie format and in an outdoor billboard ad format for a whole month. Conveying the message of how GOJEK can help consumers find ways to do good during the month of Ramadan.


Starting from finding the nearest mosque to carrying out compulsory prayers to making donations to those in need. They had television commercials, short movies on YouTube and social media, billboard displays at 16 points in Jakarta and adhan notifications in the application



The best thing about this GOJEK campaign is the simplicity and sincerity of GOJEK to the audience. The ability of advertisers to connect people to the GOJEK brand philosophy is the key to winning the hearts of consumers.


Ramadan Campaign Ads: NuTea Indonesia

NuTea’s Eid greeting billboards have gone viral on social networks. NuTea’s campaign billboard is different from other billboards, where there is a “honest heart voice” impression in this ad.



Quoted from Farchan’s Twitter account, which uploaded a photo of Nu Green Tea advertising billboards. This Eid-ul-Fitr congratulatory advertisement is quite unique. In the advertisement, the CEO of the company wishes you a happy Eid.


Not only that, the CEO also apologized because the billboard design appeared perfunctory. This is because, the designer had gone home first. “Because the usual design is going home, I want to say: Happy Eid Al-Fitr, from the CEO of NuTea,” the ad said.


The ad design unexpectedly received a very positive reaction in the community. This photo upload has been retweeted more than 1,300 times. Audiences love the NuTea Eid edition billboard design which is cute, simple, and out of the box.

What Are Your Ramadan Ad Ideas and Plans This Year?

Those are some examples of special Ramadan campaigns from well-known brands that you can use as advertising references. In fact, in Ramadan 2022 there will be more interesting campaigns that are ready to enliven this special month and win the hearts of audiences everywhere.


Stay tuned for updates on advertising and business marketing during Ramadan with The Perfect Media!


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