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Through the ingenuity of the clients, the engineers, the advertising agency and all the behind-the-scenes people, a billboard can impact the world beyond the realm of advertising and branding. A billboard with a heart can generate a story and several recurring positive physical impacts that improve the lives of people who interacts with it.


There are some billboards are powered solely by renewable energy such as the Ricoh Tower in London. Or those that can bring children to school, such as the creative Out of Home which doubled up as a school bus – the TriKademiK in Ghana. I highlighted the TriKademiK’s launch and sponsor, mobile telecom operator Zain Ghana here on this blog in 2011. These are advertising with CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.


One recent billboard which had creative a positive impact was featured by the Fast Company’s article on See The Billboard That Produces Water This billboard is in Lima, Peru and produced by the Mayo DraftCFB in conjunction with the University of Engineering and Technology.


The generators in the billboard work to capture the high humidity of Peru’s atmosphere, filters it, and turns it into potable drinking water which is stored in tanks at the bottom of the billboard and accessible by the public.


Can your advertising do this?



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