Billboard that GROWS!

Who says we have to print all our billboards? We can paint it with GERMS! High impact… …yucks!

Lifebuoy does many amazing ads around the world encouraging good hygiene practices but nothing as visual and as powerful as seeing the germs on billboards! Features in a London storefront, this Live Germ billboard demonstrates the power of Lifebuoy’s Clinishield 10 product.



Just look at the audience’s faces! Everyone including the young and old will benefit from this public message AND will remember the lasting power of Lifebuoy’s product.

 In 2011, for the launch of its new film Contagion, Warner Bro’s did perhaps the world’s first for the live germ billboard in Toronto Canada and the effect was recorded in YouTube here. Quoting the YouTube description –


Building on its reputation for always being ahead of the curve, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada created a unique outdoor installation merging science and advertising that is guaranteed to leave movie lovers, science buffs and art enthusiasts in ‘awe’ or ‘eww’.

In support of Academy Award ® winner Steven Soderbergh’s latest film “Contagion” — in theatres September 9th, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada teamed up with microbiologists and immunologists from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind bacteria message board located at 409 Queen Street West in an abandoned store-front window.

On August 28th, two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria and almost overnight have revealed the true Contagion — an artistic interpretation of the spread of a virus as depicted in the film.

The public was invited to witness first-hand the remarkable growing power of natural bacteria on Wednesday August 31st from 11:00 AM — 2:00 PM. The first 50 people who arrived received passes to see “Contagion” in theatres and other themed prizes.

Billboards can come alive in many ways via engagement activities on site, or through the digital means. On our blog, we wrote in 2012 on a HAIRY billboard by Bronx Shoes in Cape Town. To quote the original article’s author – Things get hairy on South African billboard.


Bosch Juanda International Airport Surabaya Indonesia 2015 Sept-02

[The Bronx Shoes campaign is essentially an] interactive beard-board featuring remote-controlled strands of hair that grow with each Facebook ‘Like’. We can now officially do anything just by sitting in front of a computer — including making some giant dude’s beard grow on a billboard halfway around the world.”

We can now officially do anything just by sitting in front of a computer”.




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