Boost the Influencer Marketing with Billboard Advertising in Singapore

Last July 12, 2021 at Cannes, France, top influencers worldwide were recognized in the third annual World Influencers and Bloggers Awards, which generated 200 million social media impressions.  At the same time, Forbes Magazine released the 10th Annual 30 Under 30. For this year, the 30 Under 30 are composed of various influencers from different social media platforms like Youtubers, TikTokers, and Instagrammers like Lana Condor, Marques Brownlee, and Ben Simmons of Philadelphia 76ers.  


Among others, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike, Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein, David Beckham and Tudor Watch, Kendall Jenner and Tiffany and Co., are some famous influencers and the brands they endorsed. These favorite celebrities have millions of followers in their social media accounts, making them practical for brands to leverage their profile and engage with their target audience. 


According to the Mediakix webinar series “Influencer Marketing: A Strategic Approach to Drive ROI,” 71% of marketers say that customer and traffic are better than other sources. 65% of marketers are also planning to increase the budget for influencer marketing. Moreover, a whopping $5 to $10 billion is predicted to be spent by 2020.


What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

Let’s discover how influencer marketing works.


1.  Increase brand awareness

In a recent survey of Insider Intelligence with 22,000 women, 54% of women tend to purchase after seeing it in an influencer’s post, and 45% have followed a brand directly from an influencer’s sponsored posts.  Whether it is Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook, influencers can help brands tap a certain base of audience, whom you could not have reached practically on your own. 


2.  Generate sales faster

Perhaps, the faster and practical marketing strategy to generate sales is through influence marketing. Generally, influencers created the best appealing content to engage with their followers, and they know it better than you. They can create content that could undoubtedly take the brand to the next level.  Hence, they can help brands generate sales.


3.  Build trust and show authority

Influencers aimed to build their audiences and increase the number of followers. They ensure that likable content is created to keep these followers highly engaged. When these influencers gained trust and established a strong relationship with their followers, followers are more likely to respect the influencer’s recommendations. 


4.  Long term benefits of influencer relationships

Partnering with an influencer takes your brand to new level of long-term benefits. First, you can increase the conversion rate, which may not always mean sales but completing desired actions. These may be the number of likes generated, the number of people who sign up for emails, and the traffic on a site. Influence marketing can also improve the engagement to the new customer base through a more sophisticated version than the traditional word-of-mouth strategy.


Top and rising social media influencers in Singapore:

Here are some of the names of the top and rising influencers in Singapore in various niche.

  1. Justin Quek
  2. Janice Wong
  3. Eric Neo
  4. Daniel Ang
  5. Bella Koh
  6. Seth Lui
  7. Sylvia Chan
  8. Joanne Peh
  9. Melissa Celestine Koh
  10. Peishi Soh
  11. QiuTing Hong
  12. Andrea Chong
  13. Aurelia Ng
  14. Wendy Cheng
  15. Fiona Xie
  16. Jeanette Aw
  17. Roseanne Tang
  18. Benjamin Kheng
  19. JianHao Tan
  20. Taufik Batisah
  21. Christabel Chua
  22. Desmond Tan
  23. Joanna Lim
  24. Yoyo Cao
  25. Jason Chee
  26. Naomi Neo
  27. YuYu Monster
  28. Timothy Ho
  29. Roshni Mahtani
  30. Myke Motus 


What could be the downside of influencer marketing?

Yet, with all this glory, influencer marketing may not be the ideal marketing strategy on its own. Take a closer look at the disadvantages of using influencer marketing.


1.  Measuring result is challenging

Influencer marketing is usually short-term and fleeting, which can have an equal result – low brand recall. While influencer marketing is still testing the water, mistakes are bound to happen, making it not sustainable in the long run. It goes without saying that influencer marketing is only effective for as long as the influencer is gaining followers.  


Measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing is challenging. It is a bit tricky to analyze if the desired result is met or even track their efforts’ results.  


When you cannot monitor the campaign’s performance by the influencer, how will you know if it is the right marketing strategy for your brand?


2.  Influencer may overpower the brand

Choosing the influencer is crucial. When the chosen influencer is not ideal for the brand, the influencer may be more impactful than itself. It can bring significant damage to the reputation of the brand.  People would mostly recall the influencer rather than the brand itself.


Justin Bieber, one of the famous influencers with 188 million followers on his Instagram account, finds himself in a prank that leads him to brand endorsement trouble. Since then, the brand seems at risk of getting on the negative impact and hardly recovering from the level of scandal that hurts brands. Hence, an influencer’s mistake could harm the brand’s reputation.


The Influencer Marketing in Singapore

It is no surprise that influencer marketers have Singapore to leverage this relatively new marketing strategy. 

Here’s why:

  • High GDP per capita (according to The World Bank) 
  • Total population of 5.69 million in 2020
  • 100% urbanization rate
  • 147% penetration rate for mobile phone connections
  • 79% social media penetration rate
  • Average of 72,00 new users of social media every year
  • English-speaking citizens
  • Thriving e-commerce ecosystem
  • Youtube, Facebook, and Whatsapp are the most used platform


In Singapore, the fastest-growing influencers belong to arts & entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, beauty, and fitness & health. Among these, the food and drink industry has the highest number of influencers – reflecting the Singaporeans love for food. It shows the numerous customers frequenting the vast number of food establishments in Singapore. Influencers have their own niche audience and established a certain level of authority to promote healthy eating, homemade recipes, or restaurant reviews.


With these, many businesses have a much better competitive advantages in Singapore for influencer marketing. Since companies believed in the effectiveness of word of mouth, influencer marketing is the much-sophisticated version that suits the digitized economy.


How do billboard advertising in Singapore make influencer marketing powerful?

Influencer marketing is very much effective in increasing brand awareness from the customer base. Influencers may even create some questions to help engage with the followers to influence the buying decisions of the followers eventually.  But, billboard advertising in Singapore can boost the influencer marketing strategy to maximize its capacity to generate sales.


1. Billboard is highly visible for variety of customers

Generally, influencer marketing focused on executing campaigns using social media platforms. The audience is the followers, which is, of course, limited. On the other hand, billboards target to reach more customers being an offline platform.


A study shows that a person is typically exposed to as many as 4,000 ads each day. Being larger than life, the billboard is huge so that everyone can see it.  Whether that person is browsing on his social media app or not, that person can always see the billboard as it is strategically placed along busy roads and intersections.  


While influencers target a certain niche of followers on their social media channels, billboards reach for those people are not part of this niche.  Billboards reach a large part of diverse customers who are not expected to be interested in your company.


2. Billboard is long-term and not fleeting

Billboard advertising in Singapore is here to stay.  Influencers may go out of style and may not be as famous as they are.  But, billboards will never go out of style even in unusual times like a pandemic.  This is supported by the fact the billboards have been here since 1904.  With its adaptability, billboards continue to grow and adapt to the changing landscape and styles making it more attention-getting outdoor advertising.


Traditional as it may seem, billboards effectively reach more audiences, increase brand awareness, and enhance brand recall. Out-of-home media or OOH is part of the urban landscape and is immune to ad blockers, which are common issues in online marketing. OOH cannot be skipped, blocked, viewed by bots, or deleted. Simply, billboards and other OOH media like LED screen and creative OOH make for better brand control.


3. Billboard optimize brand awareness and brand recall

While referred to as word-of-mouth, influencer marketing is a great way to help you build people’s trust. They can enhance the brand’s authority and credibility. When an influencer talks positively about your brand, followers would most likely believe them. Added to these, they can create content that strategizes campaign and execution.  But in influencer marketing, followers would always recall the person but not the brand.  


In billboards, people can see these large and eye-catching OOH media displays multiple times.  Because billboards stimulate photographic information through a strong visual effect, it will help in optimizing brand recall.  People tend to remember the billboard information which will later be associated with the brand and company. Potential customers would always remember the brand at the moment they need its product or services.


4. Billboard is always working 24/7

Influencer marketing is good only when its followers are browsing through their respective social media apps.  After that, these followers will continue browsing.  Hence, influencers could only be effective for the moment when followers are online.


With billboards, brands can lead a repeat exposure as people continually pass by.  In a study, 75% of people do actually look at the roadside OOH media such as huge billboards. No matter what time of the day, these people will always pass by.  So, the best digital billboard in Singapore worked round the clock for better exposure and brand awareness.


With these, the use of billboards is more impactful in increasing the recall of the advertisement. Hence, by leveraging on the benefits of billboards and influencer marketing, a billboard advertising in Singapore Queensway for a rice brand using both out-of-home media and online channels is powerful.  


This billboard spot near Singapore Chinatown by Paddy King is located at the 31-storey of People’s Park Complex to enhance brand visibility being strategically placed at one of the highly traffic establishments in the district and MRT station, Temple Street, Smith Street, Kreta Ayer, and Hong Lim and next to popular food centres in Singapore where Asian food is still a daily staple for the food lovers that come for the popular local food


How does The Perfect Media’s billboard advertising in Singapore boost Paddy King’s influencer marketing campaign?

Creative and digital OOH media in Singapore and influencer marketing campaigns complement each other and can be very powerful when properly combined. Like the Paddy King’s Chef Eric Neo, the campaign is enhanced using large and outdoor billboard advertising in Singapore to reach more audience members who are not followers of Chef Eric. 


Paddy King is one of the businesses that takes its brand to a new level of sophistication in marketing. As a rice supplier brand established in Singapore, Paddy King viewed this pandemic as an opportunity for people to cook at home frequently and to give rise to Singaporean Chef. Paddy King grabs this opportunity to stand out from its competitors with a customer base of Asians who cook at home with rice and companies in the F&B industry having rice as the staple food. Hence, Paddy King partnered with Chef Eric Neo, an executive chef at a well-known hotel in Singapore and an authority in the F & B industry.


Paddy King also targets the restaurants in the city.  According to the Michelin Guide, we have here the list of top 20 restaurants near the outdoor advertising spots in Singapore City by Paddy King.


  • Bedok Chwee Kueh
  • Zaffron Kitchen (East Coast)
  • Sin Huat Eating House
  • Sik Bao Sin (Desmond’s Creation)
  • To-Ricos Guo Shi
  • Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow
  • Eminent Frog Porridge & Seafood (Lor 19)
  • Chef Kang’s Noodle House
  • Beach Road Fish Head Bee Hoon
  • Balestier Road Hoover Rojak
  • Chey Sua Carrot Cake
  • Hjh maimunah (Jalan Pisang)
  • Muthu’s Curry (Little India)
  • Bismillah Biryani
  • Lagnaa
  • Hock Hai Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Noodle
  • Yhingthai Palace
  • Alliance Seafood
  • Heng
  • True Blue Cuisine


Another huge OOH media outlet in Singapore of Paddy King and Chef Eric Neo placed at a strategic intersection in Hotel Boss.  Hotel Boss is a high frequency road for daily commute between city and home, near Lavender and Bugis MRT, City Square, Jalan Besar Stadium, Boon Keng, St George BTOs, and Mustafa.


However, targeting only the followers of Chef Eric Neo is not the best strategy at all.  Hence, Paddy King enhanced the influencer marketing campaign using the OOH media such as billboard advertising in Queensway SG.  These ooh media spots near fitness stores like Adidas and Nike are favorable to the brand to reach for the fitness enthusiast preparing rice as staple food. 


With The Perfect Media, the best outdoor media solutions in Singapore, Paddy King has placed attractive billboards in Singapore. It is displayed at strategic locations such as Hotel Boss, Queensway, and People’s Park Complex for maximum reach and visibility. These three locations have high vehicle and pedestrian traffic, leading to increased brand exposure and maximized advertisement.



Paddy King, a rice brand, partnered with Chef Eric Neo, an Executive Chef for a well-known hotel in Singapore.  This outdoor advertising in Queensway Singapore today is located in a high visibility and high traffic area having close proximity to Ikea and WFH crowds.


Power up the influencer marketing with The Perfect Media

Looking for ways to reach more millions and boost brand awareness in this current pandemic? The Perfect Media is here to offer you a wide selection of billboard advertising in Singapore opportunities.


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