InsightsBudget Direct Insurance: A Case Study
Budget Direct Insurance: A Case Study

Budget Direct Insurance: A Case Study

Facing land constraints and to cut congestion on its streets, in 2018 the Land Transport Authority of Singapore decided to push for a car-lite society by not allowing an increase in the number of cars on the road.


Even though it is already incredibly expensive to buy special Certificate of Entitlement (COE) from the government to own a car before drivers can hit the road, they still have to bear high expenses that includes petrol, parking, road tax and ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) system.


It is also compulsory for every car to be covered by motor insurance with annual premium so obviously, car owners prefer lower cost insurance with wider coverage. Similarly, it is highly preferable that an insurance company offers an easy and fuss-free policy, with a good list of authorized workshops. With many competitive insurance companies in Singapore, one of the newest addition is Budget Direct Insurance.



Budget Direct Insurance Case Study by TPM Outdoor


Budget Direct Insurance offers a fresher take on traditional insurance that many drivers in Singapore have known. Being committed to providing best-in-class customer service and quality coverage at cheaper prices, it strives to offer a fully customized policy built specifically for how each client use their car.


Advertising with The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor)

Aiming to strengthen their brand presence in Singapore, Budget Direct Insurance look to TPM Outdoor to help them with out-of-home advertising in a few strategic areas around Singapore.


The focus of their outdoor campaign is to use large format billboards to ensure maximum impact and wide exposure to reach the right audience with their brand messaging. This means reaching road users, decision makers of car and motorcycle insurance. There is also an expectation that these audience will be travelling at 40-70km/hr thus the size of the billboard matters for readability.


Within a 6 months campaign, Budget Direct gained viewership from 100% drivers and vehicle users, thus increasing their brand exposure, creating stronger brand recall, and possibly trigger higher sales conversion.


The Strategic Approach

No-Graphics Design

Budget Direct go against the norm by using only large text artwork for their out-of-home advertisement. This simple ad offers no-frills brand impression to their targeted audience.


Unique Tracking Code

Every digital billboard displays a different contact website url (eg. that acts as a tracking code, enabling Budget Direct to identify the impact and response of their promotion from each location.


Location Strategy

All billboards for Budget Direct are specifically chosen to be either located near a high traffic cross-junction and areas where it definitely can’t be missed by road users around the clock.


The Best Billboard Locations

Queensway Shopping Centre


The large digital billboard at Queensway Shopping Centre is strategically located at Alexandra cross-junction to provide 100% viewpoint to drivers and motorists alike as it is fully exposed to moving vehicles facing the 3-direction along Alexandra Rd, adjacent to Jln Bukit Merah.


It is also situated within close proximity to Leng Kee Road, an Automotive Hub where there are popular auto dealers such as Peugeot (AutoFrance), BMW (Performance Motors), Hyundai (Komoco Motors), and Ferrari (Ital Auto).


Jalan Besar Plaza


The billboard on Jalan Besar Plaza offers another good viewpoint as it is located at a cross junction of Jalan Besar Road and Kitchener Road. The clear visibility of the advertisement will definitely catch the attention of drivers passing through the area.


This area is frequently visited by vehicle owners especially motorists for its wide range of motorcycles workshops such as Lim Ah Boy, K S Motorcyles and Meng Motor, who are the target that Budget Direct is reaching out to with their out-of-home advertising campaign.


Hotel Boss


Prominently displayed billboard on the front façade wall of Hotel Boss at Lavender area, this strategic location is facing a busy cross junction turning into Victoria St, Kallang or CBD area, making this another great location for Budget Direct to advertise their services. It is within close proximity to Bugis Junction, Little India and Arab Street eateries and café where traffic is always on the move 24/7. The billboard is hard to miss as it is even well-lit at night.


121 Sims Avenue


This billboard on 121 Sims Avenue is an ideal spot for Budget Direct advertising as it is facing one-way very busy through road moving towards residential, small businesses and factories in the area. Popular for its midnight supper spots such as 126 Dim Sum and other restaurants and establishments operating till late night, this spot offers great visibility and reach to road users at night with its brightly lit billboard.


Campaign Outcome

The initial 3 to 6 months media plan has been extended and planning of a second phase covering a larger region is underway.


The smart, simple, all-texts, and direct approach of the outdoor advertising design is a great strategy to send a message directly to car owners who are passing by the area and have only 6 seconds to get the message from an outdoor advertising.


The chosen locations for the billboards plus the big visuals are also beneficial because it is located at high-traffic areas and the angular positioning is really hard to miss.  While the traffic is 24/7, outdoor advertising is also working 24/7 and creates the desired impact for the right audience.


So, what are you waiting for?

If you would like to maximize the investment for the brand outdoor advertising, TPM Outdoor has many tested and effective strategies that could very well suit your brand’s objectives.

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