Budget Direct Insurance: Cheapest Car Coverage in Singapore

As you know, it is already incredibly expensive to buy a special Certificate of Entitlement (COE) from the government to own a car before drivers can hit the road. They still have to bear high expenses that include petrol, parking, road tax, and the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) system.


But did you know that the COE quota will increase in the February–April quarter, but at a much slower rate? 


In 2024, the authorities will continue to increase the COE quota for Categories A, B, and C before reaching the peak supply period in 2026, while the Category D quota in 2024 is expected to remain comparable to 2023. 

Source: ​​COE quota to increase in February-April quarter, but at much slower rate

It is also compulsory for every car to be covered by insurance with an annual premium, so obviously, car owners prefer lower-cost insurance with wider coverage. Similarly, an insurance company should offer an easy and fuss-free policy with a good list of allowed workshops. There are many competitive insurance companies in Singapore; one of them is Budget Direct Insurance.


More Reasons Why It Pays to Choose Budget Direct Insurance


Some say Singaporeans have been paying excessively for high-quality auto, motorcycle, and even car insurance because of their long-standing reliance on agents and middlemen, who charge consumers a higher rate, according to Budget Direct’s website. 

But when you choose to buy with Budget Direct Insurance, they will offer you their best prices and the choice to select only the optional covers that meet your individual needs. All are supported by a full customer care and claims team, which is based right here in Singapore.


This is a review of Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Auto Insurance for Singaporean drivers. 

Budget Direct Insurance looks to TPM Outdoor for help with out-of-home advertising in a few key locations throughout Singapore in an effort to increase its brand awareness.

The focus of their outdoor campaign is to use large format billboards and buses to ensure maximum impact and wide exposure to reach the right audience with their brand messaging. This means reaching out to road users and decision-makers about car and motorcycle insurance. 

The large digital billboard at Queensway Shopping Centre is strategically located at the Alexandra cross-junction to provide a 100% viewpoint to drivers and motorists alike. It is fully exposed to moving vehicles facing the 3-direction along Alexandra Rd, adjacent to Jln Bukit Merah.

It is also situated within proximity to Leng Kee Road, an automotive hub where there are popular auto dealers such as Peugeot (AutoFrance), BMW (Performance Motors), Hyundai (Komoco Motors), and Ferrari (Ital Auto).

Queensway Shopping Centre is one of Singapore’s most popular malls for sports apparel. It offers a wide range of sports gear, limited sports apparel, and equipment. Located close to Queenstown MRT Station (EW19), it is also a favorite hangout for youths. It is also beside shopping malls like Anchor Point Shopping Mall and IKEA Alexandra, a furniture store. Which are also vastly popular among families.

In earlier years, we’ve also done a similar Out-Of-Home advertisement at other prominent locations for Budget Direct Insurance; some of these locations include Jalan Besar Plaza, 121 Sims Ave, and Hotel Boss.

Jalan besar plaza

Jalan Besar Plaza

Creative OOH with The Perfect Media

121 Sims Ave

Hotel Boss

Hotel Boss

The focus of these outdoor campaigns is to use large format billboards to ensure maximum impact and wide exposure to reach the right audience with their brand messaging. This means reaching road users, and decision-makers of car and motorcycle insurance. There is also an expectation that these audiences will be traveling at 40–70 km/h; the size of the billboard matters for readability.

Within a 6-month campaign, Budget Direct gained viewership from 100% of drivers and vehicle users, thus increasing their brand exposure, creating stronger brand recall, and possibly triggering higher sales conversion.

You can read more on the Budget Direct Insurance: A Case Study blog.

Or if you want to go a step beyond and advertise on a 3D anamorphic screen, you can! We provide ad space for rent at The Heeren, with its screen situated in the heart of Singapore. You will be able to view the advertisement from multiple angles.

Check out our campaign we did with H&M at The Heeren:

Why choose Budget Direct Insurance?

Finding cheaper car insurance in Singapore isn’t easy, especially when there are so many choices available. 

While other insurance companies and agents may tell you they know what’s best, Budget Direct Insurance is different. Instead of making it sound difficult and offering complicated bundles, Budget Direct offers you simplicity and choice. Start with a quality base level of cover, add the optional covers you need, and adjust the excess to create a policy that will match your individual needs. 

You can see an initial price in only 30 seconds, and a few minutes later, you can have a fully customized policy built specifically for how you use your car.


Based on the chart, Budget Direct is Singapore’s cheapest comprehensive insurance plan, with an annual premium of $526 as compared to other companies. While the average cost of car insurance in Singapore is $1,017.36,. 

The cheapest is Budget Direct ($526.33), which is followed by Singlife with Aviva ($781.87), Income ($828.65), MSIG ($881.97), Great Eastern ($927.96), Sompo ($984.03), Direct Asia ($1,025.12), FWD ($1,075.61), Etiqa ($1,109.74), AIG ($1,329.83), and finally, HLAS ($1,719.80), which is the most expensive driver’s insurance in Singapore.



Budget Direct has won Money magazine’s Insurer of the Year title a total of nine times and the last seven years in a row (2017–23); Money magazine’s Best of the Best awards for Best-Value Car Insurance (2019–24) and Best-Value Home & Contents Insurance (2017–20 and 2022–24).


After comparing over 47,000 quotes and 50 comprehensive policies offered by 41 insurance providers across 42 consumer profiles, Canstar proclaimed Budget Direct the winners of the National Outstanding Value Car Insurance Award for 2023. Budget Direct became the only brand in any category to win a Canstar National Outstanding Value Award 17 years in a row.

Did you know that Budget Direct is not only known in Singapore but in other countries as well? They did a creative advertising OOH billboard in New Zealand, Australia!

Budget Direct Australia Advertisement

Budget Direct’s Billboard in New Zealand, Australia 


Budget Direct has also issued a challenge to local motorists, offering free insurance coverage to those who can meet the terms of the initiative.

The challenge encourages drivers to obtain a comprehensive car insurance quote from Budget Direct Insurance and compare it with their current insurer’s renewal notice. Budget Direct Insurance will reimburse drivers with free insurance coverage if they verify that the renewal notice is cheaper.

Budget Direct touted its confidence in its new Pay Less or Pay Nothing promotion, saying that it is a win-win proposition for Singaporean motorists who will participate; customers can either secure reduced premiums for their insurance needs or come away with free coverage. Source

So, do you want to grow your business and advertise like Budget Direct, but don’t know the best advertising strategy and the best media partners? Don’t worry! Contact us today to discuss your advertising plans directly and get the best Outdoor Advertising Singapore service offers only from The Perfect Media.



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