Businesses Between the US And Myanmar To Grow

More Western companies are now able to reach the Myanmar market after Obama pledged to lift the remaining sanctions.

“Mr. Obama had moved in May to ease a broad array of sanctions that barred American citizens and companies from doing business with Myanmar, loosening restrictions on state-owned banks and entities.

But, at that time, he left in place an official government finding of a state of emergency for Myanmar, which calls the country an “extraordinary threat.” Earlier on Wednesday, Mr. Obama sent Congress official notice that he was restoring trade benefits to Myanmar that were revoked in 1989 because of concerns over worker rights, allowing it to qualify for a program that allows poor countries to export thousands of products duty-free to the United States.”

One of the US companies advertising in Myanmar is Maxxis – a big tire company from the US who is currently advertising with TPM Outdoor on our site in Myanmar, Yangon.


Maxxis @ Yangon City Centre
Maxxis @ Yangon City Centre, Myanmar


Maxxis @ Yangon City Centre, Myanmar


Sometime mid this year, an article was posted on Marketing and Advertising in Myanmar. One of the tips given includes “Developing a local team”, which is exactly what TPM has.


Canon at yangon, Myanmar
Canon @ Yangon City Centre, Myanmar


Whereas in a separate article, it is said that now is the time for brands to move in Myanmar. Why is this so?

“The International Monetary Fund has predicted Myanmar will have the world’s fastest-growing economy this year, with GDP growth of 8.6%.”

“Consumers in Myanmar are open to trying new products and new brands…”

One of the success stories is Norwegian mobile phone network, Telenor, which has demonstrated how global brands can achieve local resonance.


Pilot Pen & Daikin @ Yangon City Centre, Myanmar
Pilot Pen & Daikin @ Yangon City Centre, Myanmar


With the right approach, media and experience, TPM Outdoor is definitely able to help you in your marketing campaign. Contact us at 62730556 if you wish to join in expanding your business into Myanmar. (;



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