Case Study


Daikin is a global manufacturer of air conditioning products.
Through outdoor advertising, it aims to be the top-of-mind air conditioning brand in various Asian countries.






Static & Digital
Out of Home Advertising Media provides a lot of room for brand expression. Our creative team works closely with clients to create a wide range of out-of-home services that are highly customized, unique, and memorable to ensure that the client’s brand message reaches the right audience with the biggest impact possible.


The tagline “EVERYWHERE WITH YOU” is an effective tagline for an air conditioning brand given the heat in Singapore and many South Asian countries. Outdoor locations are the best place to showcase an air conditioner as that’s where people will think of wanting air conditioning the most. Sites chosen are prominent and 100% owned by Daikin’s arresting visuals making Daikin having one of the highest recall rate amongst air conditioner brands in Singapore.


Simple and straightforward design of Daikin’s billboards get the messages across immediately. In the newly emergent cities, Daikin later improved their billboards to add a graphic of an air conditioner as the Daikin brand is still not always associated with air conditioners. Daikin also added a digital temperature display on their city centre billboard in Yangon City. Given a particular heat wave in 2016, the Daikin billboard and the temperature reading 42 degrees hit the front page of a main newspaper one April month morning giving even more exposure to the brand.


Complementing the strategically placed static billboards in multiple spots across Singapore, Daikin also used other forms of mix media to create spikes in their advertising scheduling strategy, such as transit taxis moving around as well as traditional media such as TV. One spin-off from this consistent billboard strategy in Singapore was also taking the same campaign regionally to newly emergent markets such as Colombo, Sri Lanka, Yangon, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The targeted areas were specific to investors visiting these capitals especially those investing in the new hotels and industrial areas that will need the corporate support of Daikin’s air conditioners. We helped Daikin reached out in the international arrival areas of these airports and also at key business hotels where investors will congregate and meet.



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