The Health Promotion Board aims to promote awareness to Singaporeans about various diseases and living a healthy lifestyle.

They make use of outdoor advertising to be able to reach out to as many people as possible.


The Health Promotion Board’s  “Let’s Beat Diabetes” campaign was aimed to create awareness and top-of-mind recall for Singaporeans. The campaign imparted the message of taking the right steps to live free from the disease and for those with the condition, managing it better with a healthier lifestyle and diet.

HPB - Logo
Health Promotion Board at People's Park Complex


The key message used by the Health Promotion Board are communicated through bilingual outdoor advertisements for visibility and reach at three strategic locations:


  • 136 Syed Alwi Road, targeting the Tamil speaking audience
  • Tristar Complex, targeting the Malay speaking audience
  • People’s Park Complex, targeting the Chinese speaking audience


Located around popular food centres, it served as a reminder to choose healthier options when eating out.


The colourful visuals also stood out to showcase the campaign messages: Be Aware, Eat Right, Adopt an Active Lifestyle and Take Control.


The key message was well-communicated through the right platform, increasing visibility and reach to the right demography at the right locations.

Health Promotion Board at Syed Alwi

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