Volvo attracts customers through billboard advertisements in high-traffic areas

An automotive company built on quality and safety, Volvo’s campaigns in Singapore makes use of outdoor advertising to market their brand in targeted areas for maximum reach and visibility.


Volvo is a well-known automotive brand in Singapore but in terms of top-of-mind awareness, they trail behind better known European brands. Thus, Volvo reaches out closer to the ground to reach Singaporeans.



Clean design billboard visual with short bold taglines of less than 7 – 9 words such as “BEST OF SWEDEN.” Bold short taglines harness the short-term memory which can hold up to 7 pieces of information at the same time, but only for around 20 seconds! So setting this bold text in colour and well-positioned next to the latest launch of Volvo’s model makes the message easy to grasp and remember. Even with subsequent change of visuals, keywords like “EFFORTLESSLY” is bolded through simple use of colors that are unmissable.


Volvo has returned to this stellar location on a regular basis of 3 or 6 months for each campaign. Volvo is able to reach out to the right audience of drivers especially those in the city centre in the heart of Singapore.


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