Jetstar Airways have been looking to expand their customer base for higher revenue

To ensure maximum outreach to potential air passengers, Jetstar has diversified into new advertising platforms in which The Perfect Media provide strategic billboard locations and transit vehicle solutions.


Jetstar Airways has a daring campaign to reach local outbound travellers in Myanmar and Cambodia to holiday affordably to interesting cities such as Singapore, Bali, Phuket and Melbourne.


The message is direct and unmissable as the direct prices of each destination was printed on each static visual. Jetstar Asia assures the audience to travel carefreely and stress-free as it is extremely affordable!

Jetstar Taxi Ad by TPM Outdoor


Localised youthful and smiling faces were used to anchor the Jetstar Asia’s messages, such as for Myanmar, the young lady had a yellowish-white cosmetic paste – Thanaka applied to her face. This is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar and is seen commonly everywhere in Myanmar.


Jetstar choose a single iconic billboard that was well placed at touristic landmarks or near airlines offices while using a transit media of taxi or tuk tuks to run around the city.


Jetstar Asia is able to increase its top of mind brand recall among local audiences making them the affordable foreign carrier that is able to serve their dreams of holidaying abroad regularly.


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