InsightsCelebrate the Year of The Rooster with TPM Outdoor!

Celebrate the Year of The Rooster with TPM Outdoor!

With the Lunar New Year approaching, many of us would be out and about. Some getting last minute goodies, and others enjoying the pre-new year festivities. All of us know that crowds will be everywhere, especially Chinatown. Nonetheless, we would still head there to soak in the atmosphere and buy what we need. After all, everyone knows that it is the place to be during this festive period.

With that being said, some of you who have been with TPM Outdoor for a while now (thank you for sticking around!) would know about our billboards in the area.



TPM @ Chinatown


You would also know about the effectiveness of using outdoor advertising.  Despite the complementary role it usually plays in a marketing strategy, it has worked wonders for your brand.

Some of our billboards are still waiting for messages to grace their spaces. So why not take this chance to reach out to a wider audience by capitalising on the increased traffic of the area!


For those new to the scene, feel free to contact us to find out more about our outdoor platforms! Also, do look out for a future post on food you would not expect to see in the area.

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