Celebrating the Thadingyut-Light Festival in Myanmar


Thadingyut Light Festival is an important occasion observed in Myanmar. Before going further, take this quiz to test your knowledge of Myanmar:

1. The Thadingyut Light Festival celebrates the return of a powerful Hindhu god. True or False? (False)
2. During the Light Festival, elders must pay their respects to those younger than them as a sign of acceptance. True or False? (False)

3. As an Asian country, Myanmar celebrates the Thadingyut Light Festival as an alternative to Christmas – families must stay indoors and light special scented candles to ward off evil spirits. True or False? (False)

4. Thadingyut Light Festival is held over three days – before, during, and after a full moon. True or False? (True)

5. In the country, many believe there are five revered personalities in everybody’s life. These are: Buddha, his law, his order of Monks, Parents, and Teachers. True or False? (True)

6. During the months just before the Light Festival, it is the monsoon season and Myanmar experiences heavy rainfall. True or False? (True)


Each year, during the seventh month of the Myanmar calendar (October), the Thadingyut Light Festival is celebrated throughout Myanmar over three days immediately following three months of Lent, or Vassa. These three days of festivities come right after a period of silence and reflection, and is a time for thanksgiving, with many Myanmar citizens participating in this festival of lights, which has its roots in the Buddhist religion.

The sound of music and dance fills the air over the next three days. Many visit relatives and loved ones during this time of joy to pay their respects. People illuminate their homes, city streets and buildings with colored electric bulbs to welcome Buddha and his disciples in this season of rejoicing and remembering those to whom we owe respect and gratitude.

It is believed that Buddha had spent the period of lent teaching the gods his law, and this festival marks his return from the celestial abode. Buddhists believe there are five Revered ones, namely Buddha, his law, his order of Monks, Parents and Teachers. During this festival, younger ones pay respect and offer gifts to Revered ones in their community.

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