Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival during a pandemic

That time of the lunar calendar when the moon is at its fullest and where families come together to reunite, it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Photo of lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival 2020. Source: Chinatown Festivals


Even during this adverse period of time where COVID-19 plagues the streets, the Mid-Autumn Festival is still set to take place along the streets of Chinatown. Only this time, the festival will also be virtually broadcasted over Facebook for the masses to watch from the comfort of their own homes.


While the livestream broadcast means a smaller crowd on the street, this doesn’t mean less eyes on Chinatown. The usual traditional set-ups and decorations that bring life to the streets are guaranteed to captivate the eyes of many and uplift the spirits of those around.


The Perfect Media Mid Autumn Festival greeting at People’s Park Complex (The Perfect Media)



There is no better time or place to be leveraging on out-of-home advertising. With family reunion being the main theme of this year’s festival, there’s sure to be a large number of families gathered in private, eating mooncakes and streaming the 360-degree virtual tour of the decorations along New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street and South Bridge Road. If not at home, the 700 lanterns will definitely bring locals and tourists alike down to Chinatown.


With The Perfect Media, you’ll have advertising access to a large number of OOH billboard advertising displays stationed at key locations with heaps of footfall. The wide exposure of the billboards combined with its ideal placement is bound to make your advertisement unavoidable.


Daikin Advertisement at People’s Park Complex (The Perfect Media)


If you’ve missed the chance to advertise your product, service or anything at all, don’t fret. There are more widely celebrated holidays to come where advertising opportunities surge like Deepavali, Christmas and the upcoming New Year. Make sure you’re not missing out then and contact us, The Perfect Media.






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