Chinese New Year in Chinatown Singapore – Countdown Ceremony

The official light-up and opening ceremony at Chinatown marks the start of the Chinese New Year 2015 celebrations in Singapore on 31 January. The other big night for this Chinese New Year event will be on 18 Feb for the countdown from the year of the Horse into the year of the Goat year.





The busy roads of Eu Tong Sen and Upper Cross Street are closed on these 2 nights (31 Jan for the lighting up ceremony and 18 Feb for the New Year countdown in Singapore Chinatown) for visitors to take in the sights and sounds of the festivities with amazing visual effects and lively stage performances. The street light up will last from 31 Jan onward for a month – lots of time for Singaporeans and foreign visitors to Singapore to soak up the atmosphere.


Given the unusual late date of the Chinese New Year this year, we had lots of time to prepare for the new year and yes, make more creative insinuations about it in our advertising as well. Serta was one client of ours that played up the Goat/ Sheep year with its Counting Sheep mascot.


IKEA wished everyone one with a “Goat Xi Fa Cai” on their print, online, in-house and transit advertising this year.





Other clients that advertised during this period included the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Macau Tourism, Daikin, Spring Airlines, M1, Kai May trading for their various products such as Taiwan Beer, Sweet Touch, Guylian chocolates etc. Other big events this busy busy part of Singapore coming up for 2015 includes the upcoming August 9 – 2015 to celebrate SG 50 together as well as for the Mid-Autumn festival light up on Sept 6 (TBC) – as the actual day falls on 27 Sept 2015.


Exciting times!


Photo Credits: TPM Outdoor,, – whose website’s bandwidth was exceed over the busy-ness of this year’s interest on Chinatown!



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