Making Every OOH Advertising Media Perfect

The Perfect Media started in 2002 with the belief that OOH advertising is indeed the perfect media for clients to market their brands as it cannot be turned off.
Our founder is an advertising veteran who observed that companies wanting to use OOH advertising media were grossly underserved by traditional advertising agencies, and so he moved to fill that gap.

The Brand Position

The Right Outdoor Media for Your Brand

The Perfect Media Brand Position is a statement of our strategic intent. It articulates what our brand is all about and provides a clear direction for the whole company in terms of our innovation and marketing initiatives. Our Brand Position is made up of the following key components:


Making Every Outdoor Media Perfect



We provide the Right Outdoor Media in ASEAN for brands through:



We offer industry-best outdoor media solutions for our customers and partners



We analyse outdoor media trends to enable us to propose the best possible solutions



We attract, inspire, and grow people and partners who are passionate & curious about outdoor media

The Perfect Media Brand Champions

We are made up of 30 outdoor media professionals who:


1. THINK GLOBAL because we serve local brands with global aspirations

2. ACT LOCAL because we serve global brands with local ambitions


You can reach millions of people any number of ways. We help your brand reach the right audience by carefully researching each outdoor media location, ensuring world class production quality, selecting the right illumination, and doing the other 1,001 things properly so that your brand can reach the right millions.


Allow us to demonstrate how we can help your brand win the battle of branding in the outdoor arena in any market in ASEAN.

Mr Koh

Mr. Koh Khong Hua

Chairman & Adventurous Innovator

April Koh

Ms. April Koh

Managing Director & Practical Deep Thinker

Stephen Koh

Mr. Stephen Koh

Operations Director & All-Round Nuts-And-Bolts Guy

David Wong

Mr. David Wong

Commercial Manager & Careful Strategic Planner

Rina Widjaja

Ms. Rina Widjaja

Indonesia GM & Never-Give-Up Charger

Jessie Yit

Ms. Jessie Yit

Singapore GM & Steadfast Go-Getter


Mr. Ronald Sidra

Creative Head & a Detailed Oriented Multi-Tasker

Mr. Faiz Alrilla

Assistant General Manager

Our Brand Pillars guide us in delivering exceptional service and work to our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality assurance. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than a job well done.

Local People & Billing


Local People & Billing in Rapidly Developing Markets

Regional and Local Implementations


Know-how for Both Regional and Local Implementations

Prime Locations


Prime Locations to Reach the Right People

24-Hour Maintenance


24-Hour Maintenance Repair

Ready to Reach Out to the Right Millions?

Every day we push ourselves a little bit further into the unknown to deliver more exciting and engaging ideas that create a bridge between you and your audience.