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One of the biggest factors affecting our everyday lives is the weather; it influences our emotions, determines what to wear, where to go, what to eat, and even alters our purchasing habits. Especially true is the last point. Unbelievably, the state of the economy is the primary determinant of purchase decisions, with the weather coming in second. We all know that people buy umbrellas when it rains and that sales of ice cream increase in the summer. 

Here, we’ll walk through the basics of weather-based marketing and thermal management for billboards and share best practices on how to effectively deploy creative weather-based triggers in your next digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign.


Let’s take this Coca-Cola Billboard that adapts in response to local weather as an example,


During the summer months, this creative billboard is meant to draw attention from passersby.

The billboard includes a small panel that shows the current temperature next to a message urging people to find shade in the intense heat. These Coca-Cola billboard advertisements will change to show messages like “97° reasons to refresh yourself” based on the current temperature. The advertisement seems to imply that finding Coca-Cola to drink becomes even more important as the temperature rises.

These kinds of dynamic billboards have gained popularity as outdoor advertisements because they blend in with the surrounding landscape and entice onlookers to give them a second or third glance. 

Here’s another creative billboard done locally by The Perfect Media. Showcasing how outdoor advertising can be used to leverage the outdoor context to use environmental variables to create an impactful message, thus increasing recall of the unique selling point (USP) of the product.

Daikin in Myanmar:

Daikin Advertising in Myanmar 

Daikin’s billboards are just spot on with their simple design, making sure you get the message right away. When they noticed that not everyone automatically connects Daikin with air conditioners, especially in new cities, they made a smart move by putting a picture of an air conditioner on their billboards. 

In Yangon City, they took it up a notch by adding a digital temperature display, which came in handy during a crazy heatwave in 2016. Picture this: their billboard showing a scorching 42 degrees made it to the front page of a major newspaper one April morning, giving their brand even more visibility.

Read more on our case study for Dainkin here or Our campaign for Daikin in 2011

Here are some other examples of ventilation and Thermal Management systems for Billboards:

1. When Amsterdam experienced record-breaking heat, outdoor advertising agency JCDecaux, came up with a unique way to help McDonald’s promote the McFlurry: a billboard that opens up to give patrons a container to get the cold milkshake-like beverage for free! Source  YouTube:

2. This Weather Ad Shows Snowfall Using Whipped Cream-Topped Drinks

3. The Perfect Media also has a great example of a smart temperature billboard! Take our digital billboard at 136 Syed Alwi as an example:

Syed Alwi day photo

136 Syed Alwi Day Photo

Syed Alwi Night photo

136 Syed Alwi Night Photo

4.  “Zipper” news ticker at One Times Square, New York City 2012.

LED news tickers are the ideal media for broadcasting up-to-minute news, sports, stock, financial information, RSS feeds, and other third-party data feeds. 

It’s also easy to provide customized solutions to suit any venue, whether straight, 90-degree, or larger angles, circles, u-shape, oval-shape, or even serpentine. 

But why are smart temperature digital billboards important in Singapore?


News: Singapore is a coastal city that faces risks and opportunities in a warming world:

Climate cascading risks are difficult to manage and recover from, and they do not respect urban or national boundaries. In a warming world, we can expect weather-related extremes to create more shocks to global trade, particularly along vulnerable coastal areas.


Some factors to consider when installing a digital billboard in a coastal area are:

‌ Coastal areas have more rainfall than inland areas. Additionally, digital billboards in coastal areas experience direct sunlight, strong wind, and a higher environmental temperature. We need to pay extra attention when installing a digital billboard in a coastal area. We will discuss the few main factors to consider when installing a digital billboard in a coastal area. Let’s dive in.

  • Brighter Sunlight & Ultraviolet Rays

When a digital billboard is operating under bright sunlight, the screen can appear dim. A screen with a high level of brightness is crucial in ensuring a clear and a stunning viewing experience. Besides, when there is a public event and an outdoor LED screen is used, the display needs to provide a wider viewing angle. A wide viewing angle can ensure audiences from different directions enjoy the content displayed without any compromise.

  • High Environmental Temperature

When a digital billboard is exposed to bright sunlight, it also needs to handle the high environmental temperature. High outdoor temperature can affect the effectiveness of the heat dissipation of the display. When a display gets too hot, it could suffer from overheating. It cannot operate as usual.

One of the most effective methods is to install fans or an air conditioner. Both fans and air conditioners are easier to obtain and to be installed.

  • Heavy Rainfall & Monsoon Seasons

A digital billboard or an outdoor LED screen needs to be designed to deal with the heavier rainfall in a coastal area. It needs to offer the highest level of resistance against rain droplets. In addition, to prevent damage caused by a flood or waves, the LED screen needs to be installed on higher poles or structures. 

More interesting Creative Billboards Using Environment:

Ingenious Billboard Uses Shadows to Turn Into Dracula as the Sun Goes Down:

The executives at BBC Creative were looking for a fresh take on the classic tale as a way to get viewers engaged in the new series. Located in Birmingham and London, the two billboards are an exciting, out-of-the-box vision that pairs well with the series’ dark humor. Source


“Submerged Billboard” by Fame Adlabs for Day After Tomorrow:



Rusting Billboard

This billboard by Heimat transformed over time to show off Tyrolit’s Iceline knife range’s USP. Initially, passersby were faced with a mysterious sheet of metal, bearing only the brand’s logo. 

In a matter of a few weeks, the surface became covered with rust, leaving only the shape of a knife untarnished. The tagline: is flawless. Forever. drove home the message. Source


The Perfect Media Group works to enhance your Outdoor Advertising experience through these creative advertising mediums. Contact us now to get started!



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