Creative Collaterals with Tokopedia Outdoors

Tokopedia Outdoors

In face of immense competition with other e-commerce brands, Tokopedia has been emboldened to utilize appropriate media channels to optimize consumers’ attention towards their advertisements and subsequently to communicate its brand identity.Therefore, Tokopedia has collaborated with us in providing ambient and creative media platforms; to engage viewers interactively and create long-lasting positive impressions on their brand identity.


As the E-commerce landscape in Indonesia and abroad has been very saturated with the clutter of other successful E-commerce platforms and applications, Tokopedia requires a reinvigorating approach towards their existing advertising campaigns. Refreshing advertising collaterals would then be required For Tokopedia to reach out to Indonesians that are frequently involved in E-commerce dealings amongst the clutter of other advertisements by their competitors.


We have helped in providing creative airport advertising platforms in Jakarta Airport by pasting advertisements on top of luggage bags that are installed on the top of conveyor belts at luggage collection section as shown below. This has been executed in consideration that all commuters by air would have to wait and search for their luggage to be collected from the conveyor belt, and that there would be no chances of them visually missing the advertisements on our luggage.







Furthermore, we have provided 3-dimensional advertising collaterals in the physical media space of Medan Airport to as to bring attention to the viewers of advertisements represented in reality as compared to a virtual platform. In addition, the strategic comparison of the plush airport sofas in Medan Airport with the sofa collateral representing Tokopedia has helped to provide an associating identity the purpose of communicating brand identity and awareness.




Tokopedia has progressed quickly to be a renowned Indonesian E-commerce brand that has achieved a reputation of being one of the rare few start-up companies which is known for their success in E-commerce technology. TPM Outdoors aims to continue to establish the fresh and succinct appearance of our partners’ brands by providing creative advertisement solutions, helping our clients capture the attention of their required target audiences.



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