Dengue Prevention Campaign

The levels of current dengue cases are on its way to epidemic levels – similar to the previous largest outbreak in 2005. But the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) is now harnessing the strength of the community. A large island wide campaign is taking place over the radio, TV, outdoor advertising and in PR efforts to educate the dangers of the andes mosquitoes to ourselves.

In fact the NEA has called for a new tender last week for print of additional banners to be printed and distributed to the district offices for installation in housing estates. This is with good cause too as close to 85% of breeding incidences are in residential areas. I get bitten by mosquitoes a lot, so riddance to all of mosquitoes!

Such government related messages are not subjected to the approvals from authorities such as BCA. But looking at how these banners are installed – between trees, street signs and lighting fixtures or along the fences etc. It is firstly dangerous as these banners are installed without professionalism may fall or be in the obstruction of the public’s access to the streets etc. The LTA has restricted the installation of advertisement messages on these street fixtures for a good reason. Furthermore these banners are not well tensioned and it is ugly at their inconsistent heights etc. So why allow double standards like such to be created in the first place?

Date spotted: 23 May 07 (Wed)
Location: Housing Estates Island-wide, Singapore



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