When It is Durian Season in Singapore!

Durian Season in Singapore

Either you love it or you hate it! That is the reputation of the thorny “King of Fruit” called Durian. Although there are people who are put off by the strong smell and find the taste unpleasant, there are also a significant number of durian fans who are always looking forward to the peak durian season to indulge in the delight of the sticky, bittersweet and creamy flesh of the durian fruit.


In Singapore, durian season starts in May and hit its peak around June to August. The strong demand by consumers resulted in the typical retail prices to hit an average of S$26 per kilogram for premium grade durians. It is also during this season that we will see many companies and organizations taking advantage to work on their marketing campaigns based around the durian theme.


Durian Season Pillar Display for RWS at Batam Ferry Center Terminal


For Resort World Sentosa (RWS), it has been a yearly affair for them to organize a durian feast with a buffet spread of unlimited premium grade durians including Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn and Black Pearl. By utilizing the pillars and billboards at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, the advertisement target travelers from Indonesia who are travelling to Singapore, to attend the “Good Ol’ Days” annual event. Being in a captive environment, the ads will surely attract the attention and tempt all durian lovers to crave and not want to miss the opportunity to savour the best quality of their favourite fruit at this event.



Also spotted in Singapore, the king of fruit is used in a clever messaging on a banner to draw attention and call for followers to Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. How clever is that!



CNA News on Durian Season in August


To all durian aficionados out there, the news is out that Singapore National Day long weekend is the best time to indulge till your heart’s content.


TPM Outdoor Billboards at 121 Sims Avenue and 183 Sims above Durian stalls
TPM Outdoor Billboards at 121 Sims Avenue and 183 Sims above Durian stalls


So while The Perfect Media would like to take this opportunity to wish Singapore a 54th National Day, we would also like to encourage durian fans to head down to 2 special locations to get your durian fix. Honestly, it is not just a coincident that these two locations also happen to be premium sites for TPM Outdoor billboards! So to copy the line of the banner featured above, we would say…


In season or out of season, for all your outdoor advertising needs, look to The Perfect Media. Contact us today!



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