E-Commerce with Traveloka in Indonesia

In face of immense competition with other online ticketing and hotel booking services, Traveloka have been looking for an appropriate media channel to enhance brand communication. Amongst the clutter of other advertisements in the online and mobile advertising market, Traveloka aims to reach out to Indonesians and other international travellers who might require online reservation services. Thus, they have approached us for our strategic media spaces that has the highest footfall to maximise their outreach.



We have helped in providing outdoor advertising spaces in the form of lightboxes and pillar stickers at Soekarno-Hatta International airport possessing one of the highest consumer traffic in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. As a commercial airport, the high footfall of tourists and returning locals would allow for maximal outreach of their advertisements towards potential consumers interested in online shopping. The strategic concentration of advertisements in Terminals 1 and 2 of the airport also capitalises on the spacious and relaxed atmosphere that it is able to provide, for the purpose of communicating messages directly and building a brand identity.


As of today, Traveloka has progressed quickly to be a renowned Indonesian E-commerce brand that has achieved a reputation of being one of the rare few start-up companies currently valued at over $1 billion. TPM Outdoors aims to establish a similar fresh and succinct appearance of our future clients’ advertisements at Suekarno-Hatta Airport while providing the most suitable outdoor media for our business partners.






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