eCommerce Spends in OOH Growing More Than Ever in 2020

Tokopedia Luggage Ads

While companies are now placing ads in the digital world more than ever, there has also been a steady increase in out-of-home (OOH) advertising. This is because such a conventional method is still relevant in today’s world when it comes to gaining visibility among the audience.


The biggest companies that are using outdoor advertising these days are eCommerce companies. It was quoted that Netflix’s spends in FY 2019 doubled as compared to FY 2018 on Times OOH properties…”This is a clear indicator of how compelling they find the OOH medium… as the contextual advertising creates a deeper engagement with their audience,” said Rohit Chopra COO, Times OOH.


eCommerce brands like OOH so much that reports emerged in 2018, that Netflix was considering buying Regency Outdoor Advertising for $300 million (Netflix had invested in their business instead), and self-acquired billboards along America’s most valuable stretch along Sunset Strip, Hollywood.


Why Outdoor Advertising Is Still Relevant

A Rapport report states that out-of-home (OOH) ads can boost customer loyalty as “Study links OOH advertising with increase in search and social media brand activity”. This same study also shared how are the brands using OOH between sales activation and brand building.


Research done on this showed that people who view an ad outdoors are 17% more likely to take out their phones and search for the company. It is a guarantee that if they see your ad and they like it they will Google you.


Furthermore, in the digital world, late majority adaptors and the laggards tend to be sticky on the first launched platform ie. Netflix versus Hulu and other new emergent brands. This group can get too comfortable with the status quote and has no drive to relearn or try new platforms. Hence OOH can be a way to trigger search activity to find out more about competitive brands.


This is why it is just as important as digital ads as many people are out and about every day. The minute something catches their eye they instantly look for it.


Don’t believe us? Well, even Netflix uses out of home media advertising. Yes, even though this streaming giant doesn’t need it but it still uses this method to promote their content and service.


Apart from that, there have been many over-the-top campaigns done for Netflix shows such as Money-Heist where boxes of printed money (fake of course) were filled and kept on the luggage belt at Frankfurt airport.


This instantly caught the attention of many people before the release of season four and this campaign went viral! One other reason for the success of this is the physical aspect of it. People could take pictures of the box, they made videos and so the users marketed it on the digital platforms themselves! Isn’t that great?



In 2016-2017 during the launch of the Netflix original, Angeline Jolie’s “First They Killed My Father”, The Perfect Media team put up 4 billboards in Cambodia in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. During the opening, members of the Cambodian royalty and Angeline Jolie herself also visited Cambodia to celebrate the launch. We had to ensure the billboards are all installed well before that special day!


Netflix Billboard OOH in Cambodia


Tokopedia Luggage Ads

Pegipegi LCD Mix Pop-up Lightbox


Our Perfect Media team also had fun with our clients on the airport reclaim belts in the Indonesian airports with Tokopedia (all the baggage heavy with shopping!) and other client Pegi Pegi where we did a hybrid static and digital creative on the traditional neon boxes on the airport conveyors where there are a lot of captive time for passengers waiting to collect their baggage!


This is why a clever outdoor advertising campaign is still relevant and may just be the next big thing, especially for eCommerce companies. Here are a few facts and figures that support the fact that eCommerce companies are making the most use out of outdoor advertising:

  • Almost 30% of people make a purchase after seeing an OOH ad
  • Top eCommerce companies use OOH for 58% brand awareness, 28% sales activation and 24% a combination of both
  • Amazon uses the power of OOH ads to sell gadgets such as the Amazon Echo device
  • One study showed that 17% of consumers got in touch with a brand after seeing an OOH ad

It may seem conventional but it works. Companies from Apple to Facebook to Netflix to Amazon all use the power of OOH ads.


Static Vs. Dynamic Out Of Home Media

While dynamic outdoor advertising is a great way to capture the attention of passerby’s, a static ad is just as important. This is because no matter the concept if the ad is eye-catching the target audience will still search and look for it in the digital world.

Even a static out of home media in the right location with the right color scheme has the power of being remembered. While Money Heist used a dynamic campaign with the airport boxes, they also placed their static ads outdoor on a variety of buildings to get even more out of their campaign.


What about the right context? GO-JEK’s billboard at Kuningan went viral by going against the grain of putting up a long from creative. But by making use of the static billboard’s placement in the middle of one of the world’s heaviest traffic jam, this GO-JEK billboard advertisement reached approximately 45 million Indonesians with a hard hitting message that it is better off to spend the time in the traffic jam with GO-JEK.

Go-Jek Billboard Photos from


This is why outdoor advertising is the best way to get the word of your product or service out there as you can get a lot out of your campaign. It is also shown that OOH amplifies the effectiveness of all business channels including print, TV but most so in search and social channels.


Final Words

The Perfect Media has been working with many eCommerce companies for their outdoor advertising needs such as Tokopedia, Traveloka, Pergi, Pergi etc. We provide strategic planning, optimal location, and the best rate of success. If you also want to invest in Out of Home media advertising contact us now to find out more.



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