3 Ways to Create an Effective CNY Ad

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During festive seasons, it is common for brands to put up ads with well-wishes. As we all know, this year, Chinese New Year will commence in Singapore on 28 January. With this upcoming event, here are some points to note when designing an ad for this season.


  1. Engage

Consumers nowadays have higher levels of educational attainment and disposable incomes. Coupled with the advent of technology, they have become more experienced and resourceful. This makes it more difficult to attract and convert them. Therefore, it is important to engage them by offering goods and services that match their needs and wants. During this period, Chinese New Year topics and seasonal product offers can help to trigger brand interactions.


  1. Be sincere

Consumers tend to be more receptive to an ad if they can tell that the brand is genuinely wishing them well. They tend to reject ads that explicitly take advantage of special occasions to run promotions. As such, most brands do not merely seek to achieve visibility, but also brand loyalty. Thus, the role of marketing campaigns during this period is to drive brand usage. This makes them a vital component of a marketing strategy.


  1. Use Airport Advertising

This festive season is a time for reunions. It would mean that there would be an increased amount of flights. Therefore, brands could attempt to take advantage of the rise in air travel passengers through the use of airport and aircraft advertising.


To advertise during festive periods, more brands prefer personal platforms, such as social media and newsletters, instead of impersonal ones such as outdoor advertising. Hence, aircraft ads would be useful as firstly, consumers have nowhere else to go while in a plane. This provides the platform with a high reach. Also, by being in the same space as consumers, it may pass off as the personal communications that consumers are more receptive to. On the other hand, airport ads allows your brand to be the first thing that consumers come into contact with upon arrival, or the last thing upon departure. This helps to increase retention rates.



TPM Outdoor in Airports and Aircraft 


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