InsightsF1 News: Singapore tests lighting system

F1 News: Singapore tests lighting system

From; “F1 News: Singapore Tests Lighting System” By Matt Beer –


F1 Night (Testing)
Some interesting extracts –


“….Sixteen light projectors have been temporarily set up along a 64-metre stretch of the capital’sSt Andrew’s Road. The project’s lighting consultant Valerio Maioli switched the projectors…. ”


“The lights have a 3000 lux illumination rating, compared to around 100 lux for Singapore’s standard street lights, and the average 50,000 lux of normal sunlight.”


“The ‘digiflag’ electronic sign-boards that will be used in place of normal flag marshals are also being demonstrated.”



Personal comment: My friend and I are no F1 fans. Neither do we have much interest on racing. Maybe that’s why we can’t understand why a “digiflag” instead of the checked ones that we are used to seeing? Personally, I like”digi-everything” and there are the technology and practical reasons etc, but traditional should count for a lot too! It is our first F1 anyway, and we are already the first night circuit, so let’s keep everything else “F1” as it is…

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