Foodpanda Boost Their Reach to Millions Using Largest Network of Outdoor Digital Screens

One of the most well-known food delivery services in Asia. It is present in 13 countries, including Japan, Laos, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. Foodpanda is spearheading the growth of quick commerce across the region with its network of retail partners. It is the largest mobile and online food-ordering marketplace here in Singapore. They have partnered with over 500 restaurants in Singapore, allowing users to access the menus and order their favourite meal. Foodpanda has made it their goal to simplify one’s life by making food delivery as convenient and affordable as possible since it was founded in 2012.



Foodpanda is our latest client harnessing our package for the Largest Network of Outdoor Digital Screens. Together with TPM Outdoor and MediaCorp is jointly promoting both the largest numbers and largest sizes of OUTDOOR screens!


Foodpanda had benefited from our strategic outdoor advertising network as well and here is how:


  • Large format digital screen network

As part of the collaboration between Mediacorp Out of Home (Mediacorp OOH) and The Perfect Media, our digital screens network includes digital screens at a whopping 11 shopping malls in Singapore. The included malls are Queensway Shopping Centre, People’s Park Complex, Bugis, Jcube and others. These digital screens are placed at prime positions for maximum reach to target audiences island wide. Footfall estimated at 13.1mil per month across these malls.



  • Short Term FLASH

2 weeks flash exposure focusing on a wide number of screens at heartland malls such as Waterway Point, Queensway etc to gain maximum exposure and unmissable visibility within these 2 weeks. By compromising the length of the time the outdoor ad is placed with the number of locations the outdoor ad is placed, a “flash effect” is  achieved and hence, resulting in a wide reach of audience in a short period of time. 


As these screens are facing OUTDOORS, the exposure will also be for the passers-by that LIVE.PLAY in the heartland areas.



  • Hyperlocal

Location is everything! Simply put, the right location helps advertisers reach their target consumers. Out-of-home advertising is a medium that is out in the real world, making it extremely location-driven. Posterscope research has revealed that 77% of consumers want to see advertisements that are relevant to their location. 


With the pandemic causing a major shift in consumer behavior, it has become even more crucial to know exactly where your audience is located. For example, Foodpanda has strategically placed their advertisements across the island at places with a variety of dining establishments. This enables Foodpanda to reach niche audiences in specific locations that they have placed their ads to keep its brand relevant to their audiences. This results in a stronger relationship between Foodpanda and their consumers. Consumers are also more likely to be drawn to the advertisement. Hence, leveraging hyperlocal OOH has benefitted Foodpanda in reaching and engaging their target audience. 


Hence, we at The Perfect Media leverage on hyperlocal trends as Singaporeans make higher frequency and shorter trips during the current phase and thereafter.



  • Affordable and Higher ROI

In the digital market, ad costs have spiked heavily in several markets. The global digital ad spend is expected to reach $389.29 billion in 2021 according to Statista. Conversion rates have been below ideal. 


In 2018, The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) conducted a report on the Return on Investment OOH advertising gives back to the advertised company. They found that for each dollar spent on outdoor advertising, an average of $5.97 will be processed in product sales. In comparison to other forms of advertising, OOH produces a higher ROI.


Final words


TPM Outdoor offers outdoor advertising placements which can be utilized to reach your intended target audience. As part of the upcoming festive season — National Day and Mid-autumn Festival, we are offering packages with different budgets and duration in areas such as Queensway and People’s Park Complex. Options for our packages will include 4 weeks and 8 weeks providing OOH mediums such as static and/or LED. These packages are able to aid your business in achieving and benefiting from maximum visibility and exposure.


Contact us now to learn more about the services we offer and the locations we provide by sending an email to or calling +65 8812 0555 via WhatsApp or mobile!




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